Atlantis June 2019 pulls, how did you go?!

Hey legends :slight_smile: after a long wait of saving gems it was this month to do my 30 pull, stoked pulling both Greg and Ranvir ! Not going to push my luck further, how did everyone else go?

got DAWA and HAWKMOON :frowning:


Was hoping for Ranvir and summoned everything I got.

With my 10-pull there were only 3*. But with seven single-pulls I got Tibs, Triton, Colen (dupe) and Elena.

So not THAT bad… but… Ranvir =(


Spent 400 atlantis coins that I have collected. On the 2nd pull got Ranvir. Getting the current HotM without spending a cent - can’t be happier! I am saving my gems to do pulls in July, Sashet will be awesome! Hopefully I did not spend all my luck on Ranvir.

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Did a x10 pull: 2 Greg (already have one) and got Ranvir as icing on the cake.

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@zephyr1 @Garanwyn
Possibly merge Atlantis Summons – Results & Discussion [November 2018 through March 2019, and continuing]

30 pull for me, been saving gems for 3 mo.
Grimm X2
Ranvir (first ever 5* hero)
Not displeased, lots of leveling to do now.


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