Atlantis - January 2021 which Heroes?

Hello, I know that : Onatel and Vela are added Heroes in Atlantis summons. Anybody know which Heroes should be on January 2021?
Thx for answer

Kunchen Jean-François Inari Ursena will be featured on January 2021

more details:


Thanks a lot! Cheers

I could be wrong on this… But I thought they was stopping Hotm at the end of this year in atlantis portal yeah?

Really? So are they gonna move them to Valhalla’s portal??

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I don’t recall hearing any news if this.

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Like I said could be wrong, but it was something to do with when tol started. Iv had a look on here before about it. This is a conversation I had in May

I wish I could read the image within the image. I hope there’s an official announcement already.

@Guvnor Please share what you know.

It has to do with only having two of the old hotm in Atlantis. December had Onatel, but next December won’t and you can get Onatel in Tavern if you must.

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Thanks Ah ok I get yah, bascially phasing in the new hotm to atlantis.
Does anyone have a list of who is not now going to be featured in atlantis now.

You can probably figure out from here. There’s a spreadsheet link. And btw, next AR looks good.


Here is complete list old HOTM that not in Atlantis Portal anymore:

Basically the left column in the Past HOTM is a “good bye” sign.
So, ex. Onatel in December 2020 is the last in the Atlantis Portal. Kunchen in January 2021.
Spreadseet link


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