Atlantis January 2021 hero-feeders 1* & 2* are the same

You got lucky? Or it might depend on which level you farm?
I have only farmed S2 1-7 normal and this is what my 31 newly farmed heroes look like (which are the same heroes I have fed away about 120x already):

Showing you Farid and another Olaf, fresh from the oven.

I can show you screenshots of several farming results in the current AR netting me feeder heroes you failed to get. But it doesnt matter. The point is, it is not a bug.

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It seems that the issue is real and maybe related to the province.
I’m also always receiving the same feeders from the same province.

It seems that you always receive Hou as yellow 2*, Nightshade as dark 1*, Sigrunn as blue 1* and so on…
Can you confirm it?

It is also strange that you received both times: two coins, Leather Strips x9, Chainmail Shirt x3, Tall Boots x2…

I got all of them. A second before this month’s Atlantis Rising, I got 42 WE flasks. Now I am left with 16. Already burned around 400 loot tickets and so far, I only collected a total of 179 Atlantis Coins. This is my new low on such coins with such flasks and tix used. But I still have almost 1 day to auto farm AR, I have very few tix left.

As to the loots, that is common. See Barry’s Farm here in the forum using the search option. Again, I can confirm that most of the S1 1* and 2* feeder heroes are there. If you haven’t, well RNG be RNG. I don’t chase S1 feeders. And the thread about limited 1* and 2* feeders as a bug, it is definitely not. How many times have I gotten Domitia, Lianna, Khagan, etc. from my TC20, HA10 and the summoning gates yet the game won’t give me Isarnia and Elena, the last 2 S1 legendaries I lack. Again, RNG be RNG.

Sorry, but muting thread.

It seems to be a stupid issue, but I’d not underestimate it.

First of all I’m only receiving 1* feeders from S2-1-9H (the one I used most), and this is really not a small problem:

(Just an example)

Second, it seems to be another issue with the loot generator, like:

And maybe it is related to the overall decrease of coins noticed by several players:

Or maybe related to the issue we faced last month.

Same here, I’ve cleared almost 100 s2 stages . I have not seen any of the oriachulum see dragon or received any atlantis coins from loot ticket runs.

If I see another Sharon ill go mad.

What’s wrong with her?

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I got over 100 coins with 10 flasks and 50 loot tickets farming 21/10 H last night. Got Gill-ra for my trouble… so basically it’s just like I haven’t gotten any coins…

I finally received received some atlantis coins from atlantis sea dragons. I’ve never had to pay over 100 stages though to stay seeing them. It is like they forgot to turn them on.

This thread deserves more attention. I’ve gotten well over 100 feeders exclusively from the same sample that Alberto and Wessel mentioned. This game is a brutal exercise in randomness, but multiple people can’t flip a coin to only tails this many times. Also, I’ve gotten 40 coins from >600 WE. That should be a different issue, but I really wonder what they did to their code to fix the bug from last month.
EDIT: those results are from farming 1:9 extensively, I did get Olaf immediately from 15:9

I hadn’t paid attention, but now that I am, I’m getting all identical feeders as well. I’m farming exclusively at S2:1-10.

I’d like to kindly have a feedback from some of the most active players, like
@Guvnor @Elpis @ThePirateKing

I would say that seadragons drops has approximately beeing cut in half from this AR, and would probably stay like this in the future.

10% was estimated before, i would say we are now in the 5%.
At least that was pretty much the difference with my usual drop rates.

Never had a run (flask) with more then 18 coins (easily 20+ in previous AR more often then not)

Both with tickets, playing normally, hard and normal mode i had run (complete flask) without ANY drop of coins.

I have no doubt it’s beeing nerfed, and i would highly suggest to developers to keep that way but restore Atlantis coins in chests.

Edit: Oh, sorry, about feeders

Yes, i had the same problem about dropping the same feeders every time.
It seems RNG can discern colors and rarity, but not different heroes of the same color and pick always the same.

While it is not a real problem for the value of the drops, once again the problem is that it’s suspicious a RNG suddenly cease to work properly on something that no one suppose to have touched.

TL:dr, they touched something on drop rates and trigger this minor bug.

Again, it is not the bug that worries me, but rather Small Giant secretly change things behind the curtain.

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Sorry, here the main topic is another:

every S2 province always give the same feeders.
I played more than 200 tickets on S2.1.9H and I always received the same feeders.
All 1* and always the same heroes.

On a different province I received different feeders, but always the same feeders if I play again that province.

It seems that on every province the feeders are fixed (like the fixed loot for a specific bracket in the mythic titan rewards).
Yes not a big issue, unless you only reveive 1* feeders.
And again a strange behaviour ot the RNG…

I also have the feeling that some provinces have better odds for the coins, but I don’t have enough data.

Edited the prior post.
Must add i played 3 or 4 different province but did not notice if the select feeder changed accordly.

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Exactly, this is what makes me think the most.

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Please look at my posts in the jan AR coins thread.

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