Atlantis hotm athena

Can someohe help me? How to get athena because i have tried 10 pulls and haven’t got athena. Wkwkwk… and i realy want him

Read the odds before you pull. You will probably need LOTS more pulls.

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Wkwkwkwkwk… yeah maybe this month i unlucky for pull 5*. Last month i already pull red hood only 6 pulls. So sad for me

Try 90x pulls. Maybe you will be lucky. :joy:

She is the premium upgrade version of Grimm. :laughing:

Wkwkwkwk… can bankrupt me right away

I just did 82 summons.
Got my third Magni, third Leonidas, second Obakan and a LOT of 3 and 4* crap
Well, bye bye Athena and bye bye October. I wish November can be better

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30 pulls and I got Athena :blush:


OMG 82 pulls @_@. Pulls again atlantis event 3 day

You are so lucky hikz… hikz… hikz…

75 pulls and I exhausted all my gems - only got a repeated Domitia, 2xGadeirus, 1 Triton and all other 3* & 4* are repeated. 2 (more) bonus Aegir BUT no Athena or Natalya.

Guess all my luck was used up for the Halloween pulls :frowning: the curse of randomness!

In holloween event i was also unlucky to. only get boril, kelile, gormek (already have 1), and 3*.
And now atlantis i only get kashrek (alreday have 1), rigard (already have to), proteus (already have to), aqwe and 3* atlantis n reg hero

Remember that you only have a 2.5% chance of getting a legendary from every pull in the atlantis summon. If you’re looking to get one of the legendary featured hero then the chance of getting one of those is only 1.3%. Considering mok, misandra, and natalya are also featured then the odds of getting athena from any draw is more like 0.33%.

If you already did dozens of summons and are feeling sad over not getting her, its time to walk away


If only 10 pulls is there still a chance? Wkwkwkwk…

Did 90 pulls got Athena, Natalya, 2 Aegir, Leonidas, amd Magni.

Was bored so I did another 60. Got Misandra, Natalya, Horgwall, Isarnia, Leonidas.

150 pulls total, 11 5’s. Athena was the one I was hoping for.

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Oh my goss 150 pulls x 350 gems @_@ that’s alot pulls and how much money have you spent?

If you do only one pull there’s still a chance.

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Hmmm… maybe for the remaining time i will try pulls one by one but with the risk of getting it very small chance

Luck is bad so far 61 pulls all 3-4* feeders and aegir (my first this month) and my second mok arr…
Neither of them I wanted. I need a decent blue (Athena, Misandra, magni, alasie)(Arthur would do too)
I’ll do another 30 pull plus whatever Atlantis tokens they give me using the next 2 days gem deals from seasonal calander.
But to be fair the probably only decent use for mok arr is having 2-3 of him on a team with Aeron (which I don’t have) and a khiona (have) or panther (don’t have) maybe victor too (have). I don’t have the tabards to do that regardless


I had about 20k gems going in so roughly 300.00.

You mean you spent $300?

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