Atlantis Heroes You Still Want

How come Gadeirus? I have him at 3-60

He still is a buffer, so useful for blue titans if you don’t have great other options for a green team (like me).

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I want ariel and poseidon. wouldn’t mind a second kage. That’s about it all.

I’d love Ariel, Poseidon, and Inari.

Ursena / Ariel / Tarlak / Mitsuko

Kage and Misandra x2

Kage would do it for me but I’d be really happy if that phantom Tarlak tagged along.

Tarlak and Posiden tried ALOT to get either of them but failed, last AR i got Inari which i wanted before
also i got 2 Mok-Arrs in 2 different AR and they werent featured …

Try the Wilbur, Mok-Arr, Khiona combo if you have those 3.

Proteus is still missing. I did get about 7 Agwe in the past year.

Ariel would be most welcome. Tarlak will be useful on titans. Kage will fill in for wanting to get a Sartana which my tc20s just don’t want to give me.

I have two extra Misandra if you want one… but oh wait… no trading. Fingers crossed they change their minds.

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I only have a few as it stands, but would definitely love a Wilbur, he will help me a lot in everything now I am at the stage where I have other strong heroes to do challenges etc with.

I have all the Atlantis 3* and 4* (had Proteus and Wilbur for ages now; they are indeed as good as their reputation) - and Atomos. That’s it. Any one that isn’t Atomos would be quite welcome. Possibly even the shark, as I have a nice selection of purples he could hang out with, and let’s face it, he looks ■■■■’ cool.

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@Gorann Mok-Arr is good for mono purple teams especially if you do that against holy titans.

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I have almost all 4*s from Atlantis but sadly I still lack Proteus and pulling now would only give me dupes of heroes I already have.

I have 2 Proteus, who make me very happy: they are a staple on most of my Raid and War offense teams, and almost all Challenge Events.

But among the 4*s in Atlantis, I still miss Wilbur. (also don’t have Sumitomo, Ameonna or Danzaburo, but I can live without them - Wilbur is the one I really want!)

Among the 5s, I really want Ariel (I don’t have any 5 healers yet) and Poseidon (Yellow is my weakest color).

Still, at least I have Proteus (gazes lovingly at my Proty, my 2nd 4* ever!)

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For me it’s Tarlak. I cant stand Wu and Ranvir misses anymore!


Mitsuko, Misandra and Ursena

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3* - got em
4* - got em
5* - I have 2 Poseidon and 1 Ursena

So Ariel tops the list, after that I’m cool with any of the 5* that wanna come hang out on my team :sunglasses:

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Epic a Wilbur and a second proteus

In 5* i dont have any hero so id like to pull

Ursena or Mitsuko

Tarlak and Ariel for me.

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