Atlantis Heroes: Family Link (Powers) - Season 2 Quick Reference

There are now 26 Season 2 Heroes. With the addition of Ursena to the ATLANTIS FAMILY and Muggy to the LAGOON FAMILY the equality just got jacked up again! Family Link 's power is unique to the Season 2 Atlantis Heroes!
Following are the Numbers…

  • The LAGOON FAMILY has 9 members
  • The SAKURA FAMILY has 8 and
  • The ATLANTIS FAMILY now has 9 members

This quick Reference is large enough that you can see the thumb nail Hero pics and clearly identify who the 5/4/3 stars are and their Element. I ordered the Family’s Heroes by Rarity then alphabetically by their name. You can click the image to enlarge it/save it.

Reference updated 05-25-2019

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Meila is Atlantis Family as well.

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I have a feeling the numbers are going to be even out a bit more as more story progresses in the coming months. If Ariel is going to be acquirable, she will most likely join the Atlantis Family as well.


Just an update Fellow E&P Champions! This was published on TM recently. It will be there for awhile - and like I mentioned before I’m working on providing a link there that will allow you to pull a whole family’s cards and their statistics through the ‘Hero Utility’… I’ll come back and post again when it’s done. This is where it will be located at: Empires & Puzzles FAMILY LINK Reference


Just wanted to let you guys know I updated the Reference to include Mok-Arr in the Lagoon family section




Updated to include the KAGE… It is now 8 vs 8 vs 5!





Updated to include the Ariel and Atomos… It is now 8 vs 8 vs 7!


Looks like the numbers will indeed even out in the end, even the number of 3* 4* and 5* heroes for each family, after Poseidon 5* joins the Atlantis family either later this month or the next.

The shocker would be if the story at the end of Province 21 where Tarlak was being molested, er, I mean possessed by the Ancient Spirits of Evil (you gotta do this in Mum Ra voice), the surfacing of another villain (like the Dark Lord resurrected or something like that) and introduce another hero card (but without family affiliation), highly unlikely though as it would not have avoided beta tester discussions for this long. {I am “not” a Beta tester}

But it looks like this is the end, and to quote the late George HW Bush…
"Read my Lips, no new (Atlantis) heroes…"

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Hello everyone. I have actually updated the original posting now that I believe Atlantis Heroes are complete, I thought it best to finalize that in the original entry! I hope it helps out for a quick glance!


So after spending an insane amount of money and some luck over 2 Atlantis summon events I have been able to get the 4 available 5* Atlantis family heroes. Anyone have any idea if there will be a red 5* and what would/could it be?

I’m ecstatic but also feeling sorry for my bank account lol

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Doesn’t appear the FAMILY of Atlantis itself will have a Fire Legendary… Just Ariel (ICE) Atomos (NATURE) and Posiedon (HOLY).

Only Mitsuko @Olichka1000 - as FIRE Legend in Atlantis

Gravemaker is a fine substitute at Tank for sure!

No luck on any of the upper echelon (5*) of Atlantis heroes. But with addition of Ursena and Muggy that makes the hero numbers a bit uneven in the families, I wonder if even more heroes are in the works next time Atlantis Rises again.

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Adding them tonight to H.U. I guess I didn’t check them for family associations… looking now… NOOO. LOL I though the Family Link Quick Reference Editing was final lol.

Well, I thought we finalized this family tree… lol guess not. Your “ATLANTIS” family may eventually get a FIRE Legend! TBD… RaZ

Hey @razor, something is going on with the TM website, is it being worked on?

Will see if I ever get any one interesting… Ever since Atlantis was introduced almost 10 months ago, I have not had any luck drawing 5* S2 hero. RNG Gawds like to let me stay down in the pits when it comes to summon portals, probably because I play for free.

I was hoping that with the conclusion of Atlantis, a few of us are ready for the S2 Queens and Kings contest again…

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Yes I’m totally bummed because I announced the Titan of Toon II winner as well was adding in Urs and Muggy.

Their excuse is not a good one and I’m pending a 10min to 24 hour down time which is enough to consider an alternative such as personal dedicated server… Sorry man

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Yes its getting to be 2019/2020 QUEEN & KING TIME!!! Ha ha. Looking forward to that! RNG sucks lol - I’m gonna throw a benny in again and see in a bit

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The Family Link Reference has been updated today to include Ursena and Muggy… See very top!

Ursena Muggy

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repeated heroes of the same family is not listed as an atlantis family link?
for example two proteus, is this a mistake or is this really how it works?

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