Atlantis heroes bonus doesn't activate

Atlantis heroes bonus doesn’t activate in
raids or events or any where else also in tournaments

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Atlantis family bonus isn’t an effect, it’s an increase to their stats.

In addition, are Triton and Agwe in the same family?

It also requires unique heroes, so two Triton don’t get a bonus.

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in previous versions the icons of the family bonus are active on pic of heroes and you can see the additional defense points or additional attack points when you see heroes status in battle

Ok, but I don’t think your team qualifies for a bonus

here is an a proof

Yes, but the screenshot you show at the top doesn’t qualify for a bonus?

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that means you can’t combine between Atlantis heroes and other heroes in the game even if to heroes of the same family
2 heroes 5% defense
3 heroes 10% defense

There are a number of families

Agwe is lagoon family so he doesn’t work with Triton, who is Atlantis family.
The heroes have to be unique so two Tritons don’t get a bonus

In your other example, you show Wilbur, who is lagoon same as Agwe and Proteus, who is Atlantis same as Triton, so you got the bonus on both families.


thanks josh for explaining this miss understood and you are the best helpful man thanks a lot man

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You’re the best, Josh. :wink:


sorry Josh but i tried this combine and that is the result iwhy Triton didn’t activate

Triton is a different family. Family bonuses are only activated when there are two or more unique heroes of the same family. The family description also says so. That’s why there’s no bonus on Triton because you only have 2x Triton.


i figure it out now if you put same 2 heroes bonus doesn’t activate but If you put 1 different with the same 2 heroes from same family all 3 heroes are activated


it is completely broken, i will share some pics as soon as possible. but yes it is true family bonus doesnt count

just troop buffers are added, no fam,ly bonus is vaiable.

(sorry i don’t know how to upload a video, that’s why the duel picture is not as good as the others)

Works as intended. I’ll quote myself:

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No bugs here.

As has been mentioned the key phrase in the family bonus is the word UNIQUE.

Unique = not the same.

So any duplicated heroes will NOT count towards family bonuses.

It is the same for any other family of heroes in the game.

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