Atlantis hero training

I heard that we will be able to train and have Atlaltis heroes from new buildings. Is that true? related links would be appreciated. Any clue about date?

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Everything is rumor at the moment. In the AMA thread, the developers say that at some point we’re going to see more things in TC20, that the Hero Academy is going to address some of these issues, but nothing is concrete, and no dates have been named. As a total guess, I think the priority for April will be getting the Raid Tournaments working stably. At the end of the month we will get the end of the Atlantis story. Probably in May they will start beta-ing new features again, and in June we might see something.

Because of the free Atlantis coins for finishing the hard levels, they pretty much have to keep the current “Atlantis summon” portal in some way, because otherwise people are going to feel cheated. Whether that means that only the oldest HOTM are going into TC20, at least until season 3 opens (which is probably 6 months down the line), nobody can say for sure.


Beautiful explanation. Hope to see some process not depends on gems only. Would be nice to see Atlantis heroes on training camps. Old HOTMs!! we are wait more positive development from SG.


Tim actually specifically said in the AMA that it was unlikely that Atlantis Heroes would be trainable in the new buildings, at least initially.

He said there was some possibility that old HOTM might become trainable or available through Hero Academy — but none of that is finalized, and none of it has even entered beta yet.

So there’s just no way to know yet what will ultimately happen, or even exactly what SGG is currently considering.

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