Atlantis Hero Summons Hero preview image blank/blacked out

It happens after the hero slides through.
Sometimes 2 get blanced.
IOS latest version

I am seeing this too and also after a summon I get no hero just a bunch of coding stuff just hope it’s not affecting my summons

I’ve seen blacked out pics too (on android)

Name says it all. At the Atlantis summons screen, the featured heros will begin to disappear. Sometimes one, sometimes two or three. Anyone else see this? As the “normal” available heros scroll through the featured blackout. Does this mean anything? Is this a way of saying their is zero chance of getting those specific blacked-out heros?

Yes, random blackout from time to time…

Edit…i think its just a visual bug, and not that the card is not available…

Picture disappear and become dark


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this has been going for the last 2 atlantis for me and this is the third one, i think it has an issue with downloading the small file that will be downloaded as soon as the atlantis spawn

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Ariel not feeling so well

I’ve seen it as well. You can easily replicate the bug im two steps 1) open atlantis summon 2) swipe right to show the hero left from the first one.

At least that’s how I always get Ariel or Poseidon to disappear. It can also happen by going right through the heroes, but one step left is guaranteed to do that for me

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