Atlantis hero, coins

We know at what stages are additional coins?

You get additional coins if you defeat a new enemy that randomly spawns.

You can’t predict it.

okey. Inconvenient :frowning:
And where are the most backpacks?

Try S2, 1/9 Hard for backpacks and troops. I am getting lots. Anything between 3 and 8 backpacks and 20+ troops for each success

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Luckily there are answers to these questions to be found here:

And yes, there is specific data for atlantis rises.


Most of the S2 Province 1 is great for backpacks. I would recommend doing it on normal because the World Energy reduction of 3 means it costs 50% less. Whereas doing it on hard the 3 energy cost only reduces it to 7, which is a much smaller percentage reduction.

I’ve farmed a lot of S2-1-9 (normal) this Atlantis rises and I’ve gotten an absurd amount of backpacks.


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