[Atlantis Hero bug] Inari

Something wrong with Inari skill, 563% for miss chance (screenshot in polish language).

That would be amazing! :rofl: Looks like someone hit the wrong key when writing the translation. According to her fully leveled card, it should be 56%.

@Petri Can you have someone look at this for correction, please?


I wanted to attack the player with this hero, but I doubted :joy:

@Rook, @Kerridoc This May belong in the v18 bugs and issues thread. Feel free to move if so :grin:

Better as a stand-alone as it’s a localization issue, I believe.

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I think that someone should repair Inari… :stuck_out_tongue:Screenshot_20190114-214614_Empires

563% :open_mouth: This should be fixed asap

Oooh, remind me not to raid any Polish Inaris! They look extra tough…


Think this is a report of the same bug:

@Petri @Kerridoc @Rook FYI in case you want to merge. :slight_smile:

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