Atlantis help please

I need help with this please…

What would you like to do?


Be able to put all of this into my game

Can you give more details, please?


I am having the worst of luck with my game and not being able to do slot of stuff on the game I’m limited for some reason

So just reach level 15 in Atlantas k

Are you stuck on that level you mean? Can you tell us what heroes you are using and show us your other heroes, too.


But I’m on level 22 or 23

I’m going to ask a moderator to move your posts to the Game play category. Hopefully more players can help you there.


Hi @Cjcliff1986

We’re struggling to understand your problem.

I suggest you post some screenshots of what you’re trying to do

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You need to hit province 15 to play atlantis i believe

And a certain province in atlantis to be able to play s3

If it was me I’d focus on finishing season 1 and just slow grind your way up to s2 and get your base and heroes ready to grind your way through s2

Player level has nothing to do with world map. Just quests. And only levels 10 and 30 effect those. As far as i know.

If that doesn’t help anything, we’ll need more info

If you’re tryin to do atlantis summons, those are monthly and only come around once a month


All that I am trying to do is get throught level 8 on in Atlantas and some of the monsters I had that I wanted to to keep are gone, and some of my monsters add-ons to them are missing as well and my abilities for a couple of them are rest things that happened but I didn’t make them happened

@DaveCozy @littleKAF @JonahTheBard @Rook @zephyr1 @Guvnor

Could probly help with that. They’re pretty sharp game wise

I’m just a noob so I’m not much help :man_shrugging:

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Are you saying some of your heroes are missing ftom your roster? Did you have them locked?


Yes I did I had them all locked in and saved next day to a week gone had to start all over

Are you sure already heroes locked? Here is sample…


Truly, if your heroes are gone, you would need to contact support. I think very very few have experienced this (it’s not normal) unless it was done by the person (on purpose or accident… or by a kid :thinking:).

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I’m wondering if OP’s issue is regarding the costumes and the levelling confusion that many have with that?

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Ah, that may be part of it. I really hope he’s able to find help.

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If you are talking about costumes (add-ons), you can turn a costume on and off HERE:

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