Atlantis Hard - AI of monsters

Is it just me or are the monsters in the later levels of hard mode Atlantis “smarter”?

I was playing Season 2 17-7 Hard.

The monsters attacked my weakest healer 3-70 Vivica with three consecutive hits in a row.

I didn’t think the monsters would hit her a fourth or fifth time in a row so I didn’t potion her.

Guess what.

They killed her and once they killed her they started attacking my second weakest, Rigard with consecutive hits on Rigard until he died too.

Then they attacked Magni, my next weakest etc until I was dead.

It was amusing to watch because I was thinking, if I was the AI that’s exactly the kill order I would execute. I’d take out the healers first.

I never noticed this kind of intelligence on the earlier Atlantis levels.

Was this just a freak incident?

Next time I’m iteming up when I try 17-7 Hard

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There was a similar observation about titan AI seeming smarter recently:

And someone in that thread thought the same of Raids:

Though @Kerridoc thought it was consistent with existing behaviors:

So I don’t know if they’re getting smarter, or if it’s just that the AI isn’t quite as dumb as we think of it as being, and the monsters are starting to hit a lot harder as the Atlantis levels progress.


Thanks @zephyr1, I noticed they target Wu in titans for me too lol


They don’t target anything, it’s just that you only notice when the character that you don’t want to die, dies


This could be true

I’m open to this being a case of me being completely biased and selective in my observations but I want to hear what others have experienced first.

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I think it’s most likely some form of confirmation bias or coincidence.

It would be interesting though if there was some AI code eg “attack weakest hero 70% of time with a 30% deviation”

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Maybe yes and maybe not.

Always bring battle items for hard mode just in case you need them.
It is better to use some items rather than waste WE.

However, I don’t complete most of the hard mode usually unless I have alot of free time.
Can be quite time consuming for the return of 5 coins. I just usually pick 2-3 hard levels in each episode for fun and to use tickets later on. Other than that, the returns are terrible in my opinion. Not much incentive to play hard mode at all.

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Yes I learnt the hard way. Atlantis hard is OK though if you have spare WE to kill. I do it in between important quests

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Lately I’ve been wondering the same, though with different heroes. I always seem to notice that my heroes with full mana seem to get taken out first. I could very well be imagining it, but it seems to be all too common that I’ll get Hel charged up, then she’ll take multiple hits in a row in between turns, and then she’s gone before I can use her.

Certainly could just be confirmation bias.


Yes, sometimes AI is a real b**** :face_with_monocle:


Well, AI is getting smarter for sure. That is why Matrix won’t just be a movie in the near future… LOL


I am glad this was brought up. I have noticed that the levels are much harder than earlier which is a good aspect of the game. I have even lost a couple of times by not paying attention.

It is nice to struggle again a bit. Farming is very tedious but necessary.


I know in some of the more traditional RPG games that has an opening and an end, there is a built in A.I. script to auto target player’s team’s weakest link (and strategy guides made authorized by the developers actually admits to this), but tells you ways to work that to your advantage.

E&P is not a traditional RPG because there is no end-game moment and you can’t exactly equip different equipment / gear / accessories you acquire to help your weak party member, the only thing that is closest to an accessory that you can swap on or off are troops, and even that has its limitations.

I’ve had Atlantis hard stage first stage mob that after the first one or two tile movements, ganged up and killed my only healer, another time, same stage, same leveled heroes, same mix of mob contents, but they left my healer completely alone. Only the developers will know for sure how A.I. pick their targets. If they always pick the weakest one or specific role, then it becomes a pattern that player will pick up fairly quickly and adapt.

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This is one of my biggest complaints in the game. Why? There is no testing area of any kind, and no information about our opponents’ behavior of any sort. Most reasonable people would never take on a battle with those kinds of restrictions.

RNG, like everywhere in this game (1 year playing without HOTM, maybe Kitchen change my luck)

But serious, I think monster/titans are little smarter now, but in raids i see something funny many many times
My MN with 100-200 hp and full mana, 4 shots to another hero with almost full hp and without mana :smile:


Interesting I thought it was only happening to me in raids and titans . I use tiburtus to lower their defense but they kept hitting him my only 4 star he never died I always take healing and mana. These new levels were very hard this time. Thank you for posting

Takes some time and a few potions in the beginning, but when my mothers have casted their minions, I mostly need only one or two more axes for the bosses. Carry nearly all my war items back home… ^^



This may not be exactly on topic, but is close enough. Don’t know about monsters getting smarter, but raid defenses are definitely getting tougher. I mean, around 2100 - 2300 where a few month back I was fighting mostly 4* defenses, today is a mix of 4 and 5* at best, if not mostly 5* defenses. At this rate, in a few month, platinum arena will be 90% 5* defenses… 4* were the back bone of E&P so far, but I think the balance is slowly shifting towards TC20 5* heroes. It always makes me laugh when I read complains about SG not making the money spent on pulls worth their 5* value… People are not content to get Magni or Joon anymore. They are convinced that investing some money in gems entitle them to the HOTM or event 5* heroes…

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Wow you have awesome hero’s

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