Atlantis guide map completed

Well after many months of work I managed to finish the Atlantis guide of the map in the normal format.
I upload them in English and Spanish so everyone can use them.
I clarify that the material was collected entirely by me.
I leave the google drive link so they can download it for free and you share.
I already ask that if you use the information do not forget to thank or put where it came from.
my name is ratabboy dese argentina
We have a network of alliances which we are dedicated to helping everyone over 2 years ago
I leave the link of my YouTube channel with videos in Spanish analysis and help all kinds of players.
I hope it serves

guides google drive

YOUTUBE ratabboypda
link youtube


You can leave a comment here in case of any doubt or suggestion that you have greetings to all. I would like to know your opinion to all who downloaded the guides as they already found thank you very much
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