Atlantis gate past hotm's

Just curious if any1 has any ideas who the past hotm will be come Thursday? Any answers are appreciated. Thanks.

I’d assume it would be two out of these four:

Zeline, Delilah, Musashi, and Thoth-Amun.


Would be nice for a chance at Zeline!

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Thanks. I have Mu. Not so good. A 2nd Deliah would be great!

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I’m thinking they’ll separate Delilah and Zeline, since they’re the only good ones left (out of the non-link past HOTM) & Idk if they’d want to do two yellows together, so thinking they’ll separate those two as well, then it’ll be:




I just have no idea which would be first, Zeline maybe?


Thanks! Was hoping for Zeline and Delilah tho! Lol

No Holy has returned yet so Musashi and Delilah are good possibilities, but who knows. If going by color rotation, one of them should have been available from last months portal.

In any case Delilah, Aeron, GM, Alasie or Zeline will guarantee I spend too much money.

Yea me too. Would leave another GM , aaeron or Delilah. Or a 1st alasie or zeline

Either way, def looking fwd to Thursday. Empires and Turkeys!!

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Thoth and Musashi

They’ve only done 1 purple and 0 yellow and already done 2 of each of the other colors plus musashi and thoth are the oldest remaining

If it’s thoth and Mus i’m waiting til next atlantis to use my coins lol


Yea I think I may as well. I have mu n he isn’t worth trying for

That’s why I’m thinking they’ll separate those two, because even if they add new heroes to Atlantis this rotation and all of the past Atlantis 5*, a lot of people won’t spend if the two past HOTM are Thoth and Musashi.

If they split Delilah and Zeline, then people are more likely to pull both months, and less likely to get the hero they want.

If they put them together, then people will spend a lot in one month, and totally skip the other.

& Even if they put Zeline-Delilah together, it would be smarter to do it this month, since less people are willing to pull for Zimkitha over Evelyn. Plus, people will be spending to get the Christmas heroes coming up in December as well.

I think they’ll do Zeline-Musashi this month

& Save Delilah-Thoth for next month, for when all of the Christmas heroes come out. It’ll be minions galore!


If there Musashi and Thoth, I will pass this time completely! Not going to even use my atlantis coins, but since I’m saving for King Arthur. I probably will pass also Zeline and Delilah. :wink:

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Isn’t Arthur an event hero not former HOTM? so cant use atlantis coins for him anyway…if its zeline and delilah i’m using my coins in a heartbeat!!!


A new hero would be great too! Hoping for a shot at zeline for sure!

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Yeah, I will use my coins, if Zeline is there, but not gems.

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Musashi has done me well for a long time.

and they would pull in almost zero $ from that combo - so if they do they better hope the new S2 heroes are very attractive

Avalon event, right around the corner

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