Atlantis flag cost

Has anyone else having any issues with the flag cost during the Atlantis event. It says the stages are reduced cost but they are not.

That’s reduced cost for a hard stage. Regular cost is 11.


I am currently having that problem…prior to Atlantis offering “reduced cost” it was 6 energy for the lowest stages and 10 energy for the final stage. I am currently having to use 7 energy for the lowest stages and 11 for the higher stages…and it clearly says “REDUCED COST”. The current event is just about over and I am pretty unhappy about having to use so much energy so that I can complete one of the quests…

The cost increases as you get to the higher level provinces/stages. Always been that way.

Yes but typically when the cost is reduced, it starts at 3 energy and goes up to 7. It doesn’t start at a higher energy cost than prior to the reduction. Mine did.

Post some screenshots, please.

Be sure you’re selecting normal.

It’s reduced cost! Not half price for all stages normal or hard as you go along.

It’s too late to post screenshots. By the time I mentioned the issue to my alliance and figured out that their cost was actually reduced and not increased, the event was over. If it happens again, I will know what to do.

I am adding these screenshots to show that the regular cost has increased as well. Prior to Season 3 opening, it cost me 6 energy for S2 Province 1 stage 1 and it cost me 10 energy for S2 Province 27 Stage 10. You can see the current costs. I am not sure why those costs changed.

Try tapping on this button:

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Where’s the screenshots of what stage this is? Posting those screenshots without any other context isn’t helpful at all.

Need more input. Thx

I actually included the information. The first one was S2 Province 1 Stage 1 and the second one was S2 Province 27 Stage 10. But you figured it out…and now I feel pretty stupid as it was on the Hard mode. Thanks and sorry for wasting your time.


Closing as this is resolved.

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