Atlantis farming


The sword are to be expected.

Using an old trick (linky, linky)

Double drop rates:


Kits ( backpacks )


Using loot tickets to maximize gain when exp is nearing the 0% cross over requires math, but, more, it requires patience.

In your example, you had 23 wep to use and 517 exp to bring down to zero. If you took ten minutes playing maybe 7-7 (not looking at guide, hip shooting a province), then you would not have wasted those two flags.

Edit: For those who have not written down exp numbers for every province, they are available in Mai’s Guide


That would be from 5 runs


i dont have any hard data but 2/1/9 seems like a decent place to farm, anyone else have thoughts or data on this? not great for recruits but does seem to be a decent place for kits along with a decent monster count for chests. i hit it about 6 times then hit 8-7 3 times and chest is full.


7-4 continues to be best level for chest filling. Just monsters, not counting anything else


I did 6-10 hard with Kiril, Tiburtus, Boril, Little John and Chao. All maxed.

Items loaded:

small healing potion,
small mana potion,
medium mana potion,
bombs ( could use axes )

Only used a few healing potions if they ganged up on one hero.

bombs and medium mana potions were for emergencies which didnt happen. :smile:


My approach on farming S2 has been based on vanity more than efficiency/results…I’ve been farming levels to complete the avatar missions :rofl: … after I fill a monster chest in the S1 3-flag zone.

So I have yet to actually farm the hard levels. I have completed them all for the coins, but didn’t need to use battle items. (I did discover that autofarming the hard levels was a mistake, after wasting 10WE a time or two, oopsie!)

I’m still hoping for other good farming levels to be unlocked; while the recruits/WE are acceptable, province 6 features practice swords, my least favorite of the usable 1* ascension items, meaning more of them at the expense of backpacks and rugged clothes. (I wish that province 1 with backpacks featured had more recruits someplace)

In a couple more days there are three more levels opening up.


I just did a random farming S2 1-2 hard to kill some undead dudes.

Yes that says 8 backpacks! Highest I have seen yet.


[Atlantis] Farming

Based on 23-9 loot ( linky, linky ) and 23-11 loot ( linky, linky ) or ( linky, linky ) if you can farm 23-9 or 23-11 manually, autoplay or loot tickets, Season 2 stages need the following to be better:

Normal ( 6 WE )
2414 XP
3977 food
8679 iron
10 items ( heroes, troops, ingredients )

Hard ( 10 WE )
4024 XP
6628 food
14465 iron
18 items ( heroes, troops, ingredients )

I am starting to warm to s1-12-9. I can use my s1-7-7 farming team ( both have Yellow bosses and some/ all yellow mobs ) and its stats compare well to s1-7-7

s1-7-7, s1-12-9, increase
3 WE, 4 WE, x1.33

707 XP, 1387 XP, x1.96
1454 food, 2402 food, x1.65
2974 iron, 5436 iron, x1.82
8 recruits, 9 recruits, x1.125 ( less than x1.33 )

Bonus String, Bonus Oil, n/a
Bonus Rugged Clothes, Bonus ( Strong rope & Arcane scripts ), n/a


I do all my farming comparisons in xx/flag instead of straight values, otherwise I get confused. I extracted data from a few levels for comparison purposes, including various S1 favorites and the most promising ones from S2 provinces 1-6 (7-9 is likely to have something of value, but I don’t have sufficient data yet)

Level XP Food Iron Rec AK PS RC Items
S1: 5-8 154 353 718 1.97 0.27 0.16 0.14 2.62
S1: 6-8 207 421 880 2.95 0.12 0.15 0.14 2.62
S1: 7-7 236 483 1024 2.63 0.13 0.12 0.35 2.71
S1: 8-7 272 553 1194 3.01 0.18 0.16 0.19 2.68
S1: 12-9 347 614 1384 2.50 0.20 0.18 0.17 2.46
S1: 23-11 405 666 1448 1.43 0.14 0.22 0.15 2.26
S2: 1-2 Norm 242 510 1089 1.65 0.26 0.13 0.15 2.50
S2: 1-7 Hard 261 476 1021 1.59 0.37 0.10 0.11 2.48
S2: 4-3 Hard 289 507 1171 1.78 0.15 0.14 0.32 2.59
S2: 4-9 Norm 282 590 1155 1.71 0.13 0.11 0.28 2.57
S2: 6-9 Norm 297 608 1198 2.50 0.18 0.24 0.13 2.53
S2: 6-10 Hard 315 586 1274 2.29 0.12 0.33 0.11 2.60

Curiously, in S2, the relative quality doesn’t (usually) match between Normal and Hard. I didn’t include the one I saw as “worse”.

None of these S2 levels are better than S1: 12-9 in XP, Food, Iron, or Recruits, 'tho 6-10 hard matches it in recruits.

In fact, these levels which are among the best of S2 recruits wise and they don’t exceed S1: 23-11 by much, which I have long considered to have unacceptably low recruits for farming. The great majority of S2 has recruits that bad or worse!



This is awesome.


I am still getting different values than you for recruits in s1-7-7, s1-8-7 and s1-12-9. I wish we know the actual percentages on the recruit loot roll.

s2-6-9-N seems to indicate:

1/3: X -1
1/3: X
1/3: X +1

X= base recruit drop.


Every level I’ve examined, I’ve seen that X-1 / X / X+1 pattern. I’ve not looked carefully to see if the three are always equally distributed.

Item drops, troop drops, feeder hero drops, food, and iron all follow other patterns / distributions, with items varying much more widely. (XP seems fixed per level)


I stopped farming on Atlantis
Back to the original map, visting 5-8 and picking up my nuggets :slight_smile:

Atlantis didnt prove to be worthed farming, after checking all my runs on both maps 8-7 still proves to be one of the best

It says season 2 stage 9 there are greater chances of dragon bones, but they seem to drop more on 8-7 for me, plus all the recruits etc…

Randomness is what is in game here, do you pay 10 flags or 3 flags for a random drop?
I ve had great runs on atlantis with 1 nugget and 2 roots, but these also have dropped on 5-8 and 8-7.


@BarryWuzHere, @Gryphonknight, do you guys ever compare your data to Mai’s guide?


I spent a lot of energy for season 2, but it looks like season 1 is a bit better for me.

I don’t care about forge ingredients. What I’m after are troops and feeding heroes. All my TC produce only 1s / 2s heroes (lvl 1,2,11,19). Besides I have more than enough recruits cause of some extra drop from raiding. Where is the best place to farm food for heroes? At the moment I do 5-6 all the time cause of backpacks and 1s/2s hero drop.


Heroes drop randomly, with what seems to be equal odds in any location. Therefore pick a place with low WE cost and that gets you the other farmables you want and camp out.


Troops and heroes are an rng thing.


Season 2 drops twice less heroes


Just realized you are a (thick accent) smart guy ( linky, linky)

s1-12-9 is also a good stage for farming 3* ascension items for 4* 4.1 / 5* 3.1 .

I need much more string and Rugged clothes ( s1-7-7 ) then farmable 3* ascension items, but I still need some 3* farmable ascension items and s1-8-7 and s1-7-7 do not drop them as loot.

2018-Dec-08, 3:20A UTC

2.4-10N gives +19% more XP per world energy than 1.7-7.
2.4-10N gives only 1.5 recruits per energy while 1.7-7 gives 2.666 recruits per energy.

2.4-10H gives +25% more XP per world energy than 1.7-7.
2.4-10H only 1.5 recruits per energy while 1.7-7 gives 2.666 recruits per energy.

1.7-7 drops more Rugged clothes and String.
1.7-7 does not drop Scabbards, Chainmail shirts or Tall Boots while 2.4-10 does drop them.

2.4-10 drops more Rugged clothes and Fine steel, but still tracking the number. I have got up to 4x Rugged clothes from one run of 2.4-01N and up to 5x Rugged clothes from one run of 2.4-10H

Map Loot (increased chance of finding) and Craft List ( linky, linky)

2018-Dec-26, 6:17P UTC

After reading this:

Started auto farming 2.4-8N and using loot tickets on 2.4-8H when I need XP and Rugged clothes, but not recruits.

[Wiki] Ingredients farming
Farming 12.9 or who knows a better place?

So is the general consensus that eight 7 on both Atlantis and regular season is the best