Atlantis farming

What do you guys think about farming on Atlantis vs. Season 1 stages? Farming for events.
I am a bit tired of running 5-8 6-8 8-7 12-9 for so long
Just found my new 8-7 on Atlantis, it is called 3-6 :slight_smile: once i went 4 straight runs dropping 4 orichalchum nuggets then i realized something special about that stage. Running on normal level, spending 6 energy

Spent 30 energy for these, for recruits not so good but items are coming up

Stay with your nuggets and give me the recruits.

Would really like to farm in atlantis map, but indeed recruits are too bad to even think about it.


what level are you? it might change the number of recruits received.
also… the bad thing about season 2 is the xp ratio
and yes, items are good all over the map

It changes a bit, but it’s still half or so compared to 8-7 or 6-8 (because of the energy costs).

Half is way too much for me.

i’ll give it a run today and see how many recruits it gives

51 recruits is not enough… 2-3-11 is my choice which drops 73 per run

@Lunx , I just tried 3-6 in Season 2. Only 11 recruits. How the hell are you getting 51 recruits in a single fight?!?!?! Or are we just seeing your totals after using 5 loot ticket?

hero drops in season 2 don’t seem to be as much though & costs more energy.

Course he was using loot tickets. Look at everything, especially to exp. 8000+

Is the loot/energy ratio better in Atlantis? Minus the recruits. Just wondering about the general items you can get and how it compares to season 1

for loot only, not recruits it tends to be better in my experience. Backpacks and swords in specific seem to fall off the (palm) trees

2-3-11? Season 2 provice 3 stage 11? No such thing.
I think we also need to start saying hard or normal difficulty when talking about farming S2.

10x 2-3-6-Hard and 0 x 4* item
10x 2-2-5-H and 0 x 4* item

season 2, which stage & difficulty gives more swords & backpacks than 7-1 in season 1? anyone got any idea?

I was offline when Atlantis first opened, so I’m a bit behind in working through the levels; just finished all the open ones at normal and started working through them at hard.

My 3-flag farming gets me 2.7~3 recruits/WE. 12-9 gives 2.5 recruits/WE. At 6WE, matching 12-9 would be 15 recruits/run, or 18 to match the best 3-flag levels. Don’t think I’ve seen more than 11-12 yet. Sigh.

The hard 10-flag levels would need to get 25-30 recruits for that kind of farming return. Don’t think I’ll see that either.


I just can’t justify farming beyond 7-7, 6-8, or 8-7, or possibly 12-9 when my monster chest is full and I don’t have a quest to do.

The crafting item drops look better … but is that “better = similar items per WE to S1 levels”? (my cynical intuition) Or is it “better = MORE items per WE”? Or maybe just similar items but more of the 3* and 4* crafting ingredients?

Has anybody started a public google sheet for logging S2 farming runs, or started adding S2 levels to the existing sheets with data from S1 farming?

I used 2 loot tickets on 1-4 hard mode and got 12 backpacks, 25 recruits, 4 heroes, 2 troops. Not very good compared to 8-7 for the energy spent.

I see alot of backpacks, also a lot of rolls on crafting mats. Usually a few heroes or troops. Right now I just run 1-1 on hard. At 10 energy it slow to gain info for even 1 stage. I’ll start keeping tallies. It will not be efficient for recruits or exp. But I like to throw a few in between chests to grab extra mats.

I just don’t understand this from a business point of view ( I really need to finish my article about paywalls so I can post it to forum and reference it ).

This undercuts several paywalls, making the company less money. This makes farming season 1 even more boring, and plodding through season 2 for coins even more disheartening.

Ideally Atlantis, with its higher World Energy cost would pay better on recruits, food and ascension items ( ingredients are not a paywall, they are a distraction ). This would encourage IAP for loot tickets, VIP Passes for loot tickets, triple strong color 5* teams for faster Real World speed autoplay ( we also need more team slots which Devs could require gems to purchase), IAP for ascension items for 15, legendary training, 5* heroes for Farming.

This were all common complaints on the forum about the season 1 map.

The Devs should have created the best five teams of triple strong color 5* heroes made solely of heroes from legendary training, then created five provinces that were weak to each color and vulnerable to each team. To encourage farming all five provinces have a different World Energy cost ( and ascension items ), but the best food/ WE ratio and recruit/ WE

legendary training, triple blue 5* team might be best in 9 WE province which paid 4.5- 5 recruits per 1 WE ( total 40- 45 recruits )

legendary training, triple red 5* team might be best in 12 WE province which paid 4.5- 5 recruits per 1 WE ( total 54- 60 recruits )

Repeat for green, yellow and purple, legendary training, triple strong 5* hero teams.

Currently I plan on running Atlantis stages once for the normal pay out then going back to my season 1 autoplay farming. 8-7 is relatively fast with triple green, no red. 7-7 is a poorly designed stage. It is faster than 8-7 in Real World speed autoplay due to 33% less mob waves, and 50% less bosses, and slightly less food per WE and recruit per WE then 8-7, but is a yellow/ purple stage. If the Devs had made it a yellow boss, yellow/ red mob, then a triple purple, no yellow team would be ideal for Real World speed autoplay encouraging players to level 5* purple heroes from legendary training.

All the pay walls, and many of the HOTM/ event heroes, appear to be centered on Titans. Which makes sense from a business point of view since titans are the only social aspect of Empires until the Devs work all the kinks out of War match making ( which for some players will be never since Titan AI is much more predictable, and beatable, than human running war attack teams ).

But a majority of a players interaction with Empires is farming ( world map for recruits, raids for food, war for ascension items, gem quests for summons, rare quests for guaranteed 3*/ 4* ascension items ). The Atlantis map just seems a huge missed opportunity to change the farming aspect of the game.


Correction. There appear to be A few levels that have better recruits, 6-6 and 6-10 hard plus 6-8 and 6-9 normal which are coming in around 2.3 recruits / flag. Still worse than 12-9. Still not even close to the 3-flag zone levels. Also not very good for iron, or XP compared to S1 levels. They do appear to have better crafting items and farmable ascension items.

I’ve got some hope that there may be other better farming levels in S2 released.