Atlantis Farming?

What are the best Atlantis zones to farm these next few days to stockpile backpacks and crafting materials?


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I typically run S2 15-9N

As a starter for ten, I would try farming Season 2 province 1/9 Hard. It gives plenty of good loot (including backpacks) for 7 flags

Even the easy side of this has been yielding a good number of backpacks for 3 WE.

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Cheers, I will give it a try later and see how it compares to hard level.

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I just found out this morning from a guy in the facebook group. He ran thru 30 WE auto farming and pulled 21 backpacks and quite a bit of other good stuff.

Agreed! S2 1-5 normal is my go-to for backpack farming. I have hoarded 10 flasks and will use them all, expecting about 50 packs per flask (40w/e).

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I usually run 2/1-2 lots of Backpacks (55 in 34WE) string and recruits

Normal is only 3WE

It depends on what you want to farm.

I run S2 15-9N for the recruits. 15-8H is great too, but obviously difficult. One loot ticket gave me 68 recruits though, which is an awesome number.

For backpacks I go to 1-9N. I get about 5 per run.

Right now I also have avatar missions active, the Ice Kitsune enemy mission and the Kirin boss mission. I do 10-1N for that, during AR it’s good for filling those missions too.

Green elemental chest was active for me last AR, for that one I strongly recommend 7-1N, which has 5 waves of all green enemies. Also goes well with the Undead Privateer enemy mission if you have it active.


Is there a particularly good level for farming red monsters?

I’m reality though you be raining backpacks anywhere, I just got 210 of them farming 14-9


3-4N is the best stage, even without AR it’s on par with the season 1 stages for farming red monsters.


Thanks! That is most helpful.

anyone know which S2 level is best for roots?


> Barry Farmz Here spreadsheet

is my gospel for this stuff. sortable by all mats, sortable by level. Note that there are multiple tabs - so be sure you’re looking at the “Atlantis Rises” tab.


Used about 105 loot tickets. 80% on 24-10H, rest on 18-10H

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