Atlantis family bonus

I agree, the Atlantis family bonus is pretty sweet. 3s and 4s will certainly play together better than 3s and 5s. And Kiril is definitely a great compliment to those heroes. I have less multiples of the other families, but it seems like a good thing to keep in mind when using war flags

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And triton adds 25% healing to kirils

Sorry about that, he has 35% to the 20% for a total of 55% healing.

And his manager generation, Tritons, his fast.

We are way overmatched in our current war so I’m having fun with Triton—Proteus—Ariel—Gadeirus—Marjana. Ariel is +6 so right away her defense with the bonus is 1099. If Gad fires, her offense goes up over 1200 for four turns. The rest start with defense in the 900 range (they’re all emblemed too), and Gad’s boost your Marjana puts her offense at 1100-1200.

I just did a raid with Kadarius, and his 612 point regeneration for all allies kicked my ■■■, way outdoes Tarlaks 350. I would like to pull him next Atlanta summons. Your team looks like it kicks ■■■.

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I’d love to pull Poseidon but I moved to C2P. Odds much lower now. Lol

How do you do that pull up of stats that you sent me in the email, that looks like a cool thing. How do I do it?

Or Ursena.

As families go…this is a great one.

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You just press and hold on the hero during the battle, you can also do it to the enemies

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I don’t think it works quite like this.

Tritons boosts the amount that Kiril already heals. When both specials are maxed Triton boosts 39% and Kiril heals for 30%, but total healing is closer to 40% rather than 69% (which would be awesome but way OP lol)

Lol, it’s nice to dream. Discobot curves things, I know.

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What is C2P? Don’t know much of the abbreviations.

Ariel is the last one I need, have Poseidon, Ursena, Atomos, Triton and Proteus maxed with Gadeirus at 3.60. Going to save up gems, EHT’s and Atlantis coins for when she’s featured to get the whole set.

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Sweet, Atsmos is a must have.

C2P is Cheap to Play, people who spend some money but not a lot.

This might help you E&P Fictionary

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Can you add to why you say this about Atamos? I’ve not heard anyone say that about him and would like to hear what you like about him.

Pretty sure he has fast mana and a 5*

I have 4 Sakura heroes in my team and bonus is not showing correctly

They have to be 4 unique heroes to count as 4 members

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