Atlantis Family Bonus -?

How is this displayed / calculated?

Been dorking around with the wave (Atlantis family)

If I understand - 3 different heros is worth a 10% bonus

But I don’t see this reflected in the cards or in the team power

Defense unequipped:

Posideon 718 4/80+6
Ariel 786 4/80+5
Atomos 498 2/52

Would a bonus be equivalent to 200 raw defense for 3 (125 for adding Atomos)

( or am I reading it wrong?)

You can see it in battle if you click and hover over a hero that is effected by the bonus

Before that, break out the calculator

10% of each hero’s defense stat that’s part of the family is added to each heros defense stat

10% per individual, not 10% of the summed group

I dont have enough info to do exact calculations

Hope it helps


Demo vid below


Tried that team as defense.

Proteus, poseidon, ariel, ursena and the 3*. Dropped 379 cups to 2279 bahahaha. So much for that 20% family defense bonus


I’m looking at 4 – for the 15%, or 3…emblemed for defense, defense troops, etc

The 5th … probably be a red; to keep the rainbow; but open to a beefy meat shield or minion maker

Think having a 4* would eat up too much of the bonus and be Inherently weaker;

Trade off is clearly speed .:slight_smile:

Thanks - found but menu

Hidden in battle screen :))

Looks like it’s added last – so you get a bit from troops and emblems too

Can’t believe I’m leveling Atomos to test this –

Ursena, posi, Ariel, Atomos

713, 718, 727, 768 = 2926

15% is interesting …

3365 raw defense

Plus room for one more card – kind of focused on testing Margaret or Yunan … or a red (QoH, red hood, etc) or a beefy tank (boss wolf?)

Those 4 with Boss – for example - is within spitting distance of the full team bonus – but with a 5*, Druid emblems, and a massive amount of hpts, plus a minion with his based on caster

Problem is damage/speed sucks lol :slight_smile:

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I’m running:


I emblemed Melia to 14 (will go to 17) on defense/HP path. Here are their stats (ATT/DEF/HP) right now with 4* LVL 11 mana troops and NONE are fully maxed except Melia:

Melia (3/50-14): 642/620/848
Gad (3/60): 615/776/910
Ariel (3/37): 641/829/1018
Triton (4/20): 762/717/926
Proteus (4/63): 834/793/1061

At 17, Melia will have 920 HP. The +20% defense family bonus is no joke.

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i am running atlantis family as one of my war offense

Proteus - Poseidon - Ariel - Triton - any hero

15% only but worthy , keep Triton live longer

Just so anyone else is wondering more about the calculation…
The bonus is calculated AFTER hero defense + troop %increase.

Case: If I’m running a family of Poseidon and Proteus (+5% defense)

My Poseidon+10 has 775 defense (raw). If I’m running my 4* Level 14 crit troops (+20% defense), the 5% bonus is calculated after:
775 + (775*.20) = 930 defense.

930 + (930 * 0.05) = 976 defense (they round down to nearest whole number).

This makes the Crit troops much more interesting for the Atlantis family bonus teams as they can dramatically increase your bonus


@bagofmilk Thank you for the information. I was wondering about this too. I am assuming this formula applies to all other family bonuses too right?

I would assume so. For stats like + Mana regeneration (or %healing), it’s impossible to tell because it’s not a visible stat to confirm, but Mana Regen and Healing% should represent a total sum (ie: 11% raw + 5% family should represent a +16% Mana Regen increase).

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Looking forward to my Atlantis family got triton+2 gad is max gonna put some emblems on him! Proteus 4/13 gonna get emblems once fin! Just started Ariel plus got Mel n mnessnse maxed
Could be a cool team

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The bonus is certainly there yeah. If I get into the 2300 cup range I’ll put the sushi soldiers into my raid defense and try and lower that a little bit. Mnesseus Triton Poseidon Proteus Melia so about 3200 and change TP. It’s not really doing it’s job of losing very well since while I’m offline it tends to collect cups from players with defenses 300 even 400 TP higher. People always underestimate the bonus.

It goes both ways this weekend’s war I know we’ll be going up against defense teams akin to Morgan BK Arthur Guin Seshat or whatever. Bleh.

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I look at it differently — the bonus means the mana troop bonus is free at 10%

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