Atlantis Family Bonus -?

How is this displayed / calculated?

Been dorking around with the wave (Atlantis family)

If I understand - 3 different heros is worth a 10% bonus

But I don’t see this reflected in the cards or in the team power

Defense unequipped:

Posideon 718 4/80+6
Ariel 786 4/80+5
Atomos 498 2/52

Would a bonus be equivalent to 200 raw defense for 3 (125 for adding Atomos)

( or am I reading it wrong?)

You can see it in battle if you click and hover over a hero that is effected by the bonus

Before that, break out the calculator

10% of each hero’s defense stat that’s part of the family is added to each heros defense stat

10% per individual, not 10% of the summed group

I dont have enough info to do exact calculations

Hope it helps


Demo vid below


Tried that team as defense.

Proteus, poseidon, ariel, ursena and the 3*. Dropped 379 cups to 2279 bahahaha. So much for that 20% family defense bonus


I’m looking at 4 – for the 15%, or 3…emblemed for defense, defense troops, etc

The 5th … probably be a red; to keep the rainbow; but open to a beefy meat shield or minion maker

Think having a 4* would eat up too much of the bonus and be Inherently weaker;

Trade off is clearly speed .:slight_smile:

Thanks - found but menu

Hidden in battle screen :))

Looks like it’s added last – so you get a bit from troops and emblems too

Can’t believe I’m leveling Atomos to test this –

Ursena, posi, Ariel, Atomos

713, 718, 727, 768 = 2926

15% is interesting …

3365 raw defense

Plus room for one more card – kind of focused on testing Margaret or Yunan … or a red (QoH, red hood, etc) or a beefy tank (boss wolf?)

Those 4 with Boss – for example - is within spitting distance of the full team bonus – but with a 5*, Druid emblems, and a massive amount of hpts, plus a minion with his based on caster

Problem is damage/speed sucks lol :slight_smile:

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I’m running:


I emblemed Melia to 14 (will go to 17) on defense/HP path. Here are their stats (ATT/DEF/HP) right now with 4* LVL 11 mana troops and NONE are fully maxed except Melia:

Melia (3/50-14): 642/620/848
Gad (3/60): 615/776/910
Ariel (3/37): 641/829/1018
Triton (4/20): 762/717/926
Proteus (4/63): 834/793/1061

At 17, Melia will have 920 HP. The +20% defense family bonus is no joke.

i am running atlantis family as one of my war offense

Proteus - Poseidon - Ariel - Triton - any hero

15% only but worthy , keep Triton live longer

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