Atlantis family bonus not calculating correctly

Hi guys,
with Ariel, Atomos, Ursena, Triton and Proteus the Atlantis family bonus should be 20% defense increase, however it calculates incorrectly. As an easy example my Triton is at def 602 standard and in the above mentioned configuration his defense is showing a total 662 def - this is an increase of only about 10%

Do you have a picture of what you’re seeing? Just checked the same thing on mine and when I enter battle I am seeing the “+XXX”

This is for Triton - his base defense is 602 - the buff suggests a slightly too high increase of +133, but the calculation should come up to 735 if my maths is not off… but showing at some 660ish?

667 is his base stat + troop bonus.
And the 20% family bonus is added on top. 667 * .2 = 133.4.

Seems all correct to me. :slight_smile: Your Triton now has 667 + 133 = 800 defense.


This is my Triton on a normal day… the bug is in my favour then??? Ill better keep my mouth shut… :innocent:

But Id think that the figure in white is the total now with family bonus added already - the green figure shows what was added to get to the total…?

Lol! No, it’s just showing that you have a troop with an 11% Defense bonus (level 1 mana troop?). The Green writing above the defense Stat is the family bonus

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Cheers guys, now it makes sense… so his defense in this instance is actually around 800? This family bonus is pretty solid then… checking your Ursena above would come to 1210 defense… thats insane… in any normal case a defense of 900+ is already damn good, but 1210 is another planet!


Before Telluria I would run Alby, Ariel, Ursena, GM, Poseidon. Gives me 3 heroes with DEF above 1100. You could certainly try something like that, too!

After the nerf is Telluria still the best choice currently? Lucky I pulled her… :lol:
Thanks for the pointers guys !

Good question! I think it’s a clear yes, some, not so much.

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