Atlantis Family Bonus Bug in Raid Tourney?

I was competing in the raid tourney and faced an opponent with multiple Atlantis heroes. One pair got the bonus as they should on their side and one pair got the bonus as they should on my side but their third hero from a different family also got a bonus. Is this correct?

Also while posting this, the tag choices were stuck while I was typing this post and I could not see the text until after I uploaded the image, which seems like a different bug associated with the forums.

Was there a Melia in the opponent’s team?


Never mind, apparently the bonus still applies even if a hero is killed off. The missing hero above was Melia.


I knew it lol. The Lagoon family gives +attack, not defense. Glad you could figure it out :+1:


Hi everyone
I’m having problem now after new update. Didn’t have it before update.
In tournament buff booster I don’t get attack bonus for family member.

I don’t think family bonus counts as buff

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It definitely doesn’t count as a buff.

Alright thank you :slight_smile:

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