Atlantis families

May have missed the info but notice none of the Atlantis families can create a full rainbow set on their own so,
Is there a plan to release more "family " heroes so that this can be done.
Also has anyone broken down the nitty gritty to see if there is a decent set up utilising “family” members for the bonuses …
is it worth setting up a family or would it be better having a mix
I see 4x 5* but no "light 5* as yet

We only uncover 6 provinces of all of the Atlantis map.
I am sure there will be more.

There will be surely other season 2 “not 5* heroes” in the near future (even if we don’t test anything like that for now).

The family bonus probably never cover a “must have” spot in the game, but surely it adds a nice boost on your team.