Atlantis Families, fact or fiction?

I really wanted to find out if anybody has a complete family set levelled and is that family bonus worth its weight in gems?

I see a lot of namahage and gato teams in rare events. Are they just worth running in packs of five like that or does the family bonus actually have any impact for raiding or wars?

Seems a waste of a good idea if nobody uses the family cards as a set.

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5 Namahage won’t give bonus. It has to be unique heroes.

For example:
2 Gato and 3 Gil-Ra only counted as 2 unique lagoon heroes, thus only +3% attack, not +15%.

Yeah i get that, what i meant was in rare events I’ve seen folks run 5 namahage as a mono team. Is that the most folks are doing? I havnt ever come across a fully levelled family at ANY time. Hence my wondering if its cause they don’t work well or something?

Running mono team in rare event give better chance to get score as high as possible (with luck). So I don’t think they will ditch mono for family bonus.


Kind of defies the point of having families in the first place dont you think?

I think a family set should have more of a definite benefit. The idea is good but it can use a bit of a buff in my opinion.

The new family set in beta (challenge event heroes) have better family bonus than S2 heroes. I think family bonus can work well in defense, for example: Ariel, Ursena, Poseidon, and Atomos, it will give +15% defense. Its unfortunate there are no complete 5* of each different color, except in wonderland family (not implemented yet).

I don’t think they are good for attacking, I’ll still use 3-2 combination instead of rainbow.


A combination of wonderland rainbow 5*:
White Rabbit
The Hater
Queen of Heart

Will give +12% mana regeneration and +20% critical chance.

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Now your talking my language.

I think they missed the bus with families to begin with. I’ve seen many hero’s buffed and nerfed but I think the family concept needs an overhaul, give it the prestige it deserves game of thrones style.

It worked for the Jackson five and house stark so why not? LoL!

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Interesting idea, though I don’t think it is doable with Lagoon (who would use Mok-Arr?) or Sakura (they only had yellow, purple, and red).

  • Atlantis Family have no red hero.
  • Wonderland Family have complete rainbow 5*.
  • Knight Family don’t have purple 5* but Merlin is a great purple 4*.
  • Pirate Family have no yellow hero.
  • Guardian Family have no blue hero.
  • Fable Family have no yellow/green 5* but Gretel and Hansel are great yellow/green 4*.

I think so.


I often use my second Proteus, Triton, and Gadeirus as the foundation for one of my War hits.

I like the 10% boost to Defense to get a little more survivability out of them by using them together instead of separately.

That’s one of the few times I make particularly intentional use of Family Bonuses so far, though.


Reminds me of this related conversation:


I prefer it to stay in this kind of useless way if it was very powerful its just another boost to super spenders who are already getting the benefits of having a large number of very hard to obtain heroes

I got gade and agwe but after seeing that most don’t rate them well I put them on back burner.

I got anzogh as well and a lot of peeps said same thing BUT I did see a video by Ninty where he ran a team of four reds with ranvir I think and anzogh maxed with emblems was impressive teamed up with Wilbur BT and the red guardian hero. That changed my opinion of the orc instantly.

I digress, the fact is I think the family concept could and should bring a impact especially if all five are together in a team. Make it worth actually wanting to get a family.

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I have seen Gobbler 4/70+15 tank in tournament. :rofl:

I would love to fight that defense… especially as I run a lot off attack with 3 purple heroes (Proteus, Rigard, & Sabina seems goodd to counter Mok-Arr and Wilbur)…

They are all hit 5, that will be trouble in case of bad board though.

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Where do I begin with him lol.

Is he actually worth levelling at all?

Exactly my point!

Gobbler as a hero should munch our heads off.

Great hero idea but not enough to make him the swamp thing he deserves to be.

Muggy is the big surprise for me. His special is unique.

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The bonus of challenge event family are way better than S2 family…

Actually, I was reffering to those challenge event family, seems a bit too powerful… Atlantis family need more diversity…

i know and I’ve said there that they are too powerful


Yes… as current state:

S2 Family lack diversity (only 3 4* and 3 5* heroes, except atlantis which have additional Ursena)
Challenge Event family seems too powerful compared to S2.

What feedback does the beta testers give to developers? @zephyr1 @Garanwyn

Hence my raising of the question of families.

I think S3 could roll out with a tweak to atlantean families to give S2 more depth and actually inspire players to pull for family sets. As it stands most people do Atlantis pulls just to get a shot at past Hotm’s.

That defeats the concept of the portal completely.

May as well make an extra unique pull like elemental portal but specifically for Hotm junkies and charge them 400 a pull. Hotm’s rock don’t get me wrong but they steaI Poseidon’s show slightly I feel…

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