Atlantis expansion a joke?

ok so correct me if im wrong… but is the only way to recieve any season 2 heros through the atlantis summon? if so this is a joke…

all the atlantis summon is then, is another “hero of the month” or sorry, “heroS of the month” there is no reason in the world that they should not be included in training centers… this is a complete joke. and whats more is that they are more expensive than before yet the old heros are thrown into the mix ? so your paying more for the same heros that are cheaper on a different summon… this no longer a game its just a slot machine of chance…

even the new levels are a joke… one they are completed people will go back to farming season 1 levels because of the cost… whos going to spend 10 energy for some xp and same loot you can get for 3 energy and do multiple times?

im not impressed at all and it’s seriously making me consider continuing to play… ive never seen a more greedy “expansion” in my life and the devs should be ashamed… if im wrong please explain to me a different point of view


Depends on what you’re farming for. Mats and ingredients?

Season 2(farm on normal, not hard) can give decent returns especially province 1 for backpacks, stage 9 is 12 to 14 monsters per play from what i can tell and gives 1 to 5 backpacks at least every other play it seems. But yes for everything else, season 1 is better.

As far as season 2 heros, i think what we’re paying for is a chance to get the heros early before they are added to the regular roster which will probably be after season 2 is fully released and spending slows down again. Then i expect season 2 heros to be treated as season 1 heros.

Thanks for reading, all of this is just speculation of course but seems logical


…NEVER. That’s the logical continuation to what you said.

so what do you think the plan is after all season 2 provinces have been released?

No idea.

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So you have seen and finished the first 3 zones and know it all. :roll_eyes:

When you have finished the 3 zones twice ( take your time if you want ) you have farmed 240 atlantic coins which will give you whatever RNG decides you should get……but it’s free so it’s like 2.4 epic hero summoning coins.

So over all I like:

The new graphics.
The free summonings.
The new heroes.
To see what comes next.

I hope the story will improve. Will not hold mv breath though. :slight_smile:

I dont like to get S1 3* heroes from Atlantis gate.


Think of the Atlantis Season 2 as an extended summer or easter or winter event. 10 stages per zone, 2 ladders, easy and hard mode. But without the rewards after the stages, just world loot. And they get to release it over the course of 8 months while charging more for event summons. Also you can’t use coins for the event this time.

Think of it like that and you’ll see why it’s fun :slight_smile:

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I’m disappointed at the rate that Atlantis coins are dropping. I can save up 5+ hero tokens from random drops every month for HOTM pulls, but I’ve recieved a grand total of 10 coins from a rare titan and mission boxes since S2 was released. At that rate I won’t even be able to farm a single summon during the month between atlantis gate availability.

I noticed too a drastic drop of Atlantis coins right now compared from before.

It’s always like some kind of promotion.
“We have a new portal! See the coins!”
“Oh you see the portal? Then no need the coins anymore!”