Atlantis Coins. January 7, 2021

So, after over 360 runs of 8 - 10 normal (on auto / loot tickets), I got about 130 coins. If I’m not mistaken, I’ve seen 10 coins only once. Most of the times the coins dropped were 2 or 3.

I think nothing is wrong with the current Atlantis. It’s just bad luck for some of us.

Anyway, considering the rate of 0.3% to get a Season 2 5* hero, I’m not even gonna try to argue if there’s something wrong or not. I did 3 summons and got 2 3* and one 4*, all duplicates.

Meh :skull:

25 flasks, plus one level up at 50 WE ea, 159 coins.

Almost entirely on 1-10, maybe a dozen 15-9. About 150 loot tickets, the rest auto play.

This has nothing to with this topic. Im mew and would like to know how to post a question?

Я стараюсь играть в живую без билета добычи. Заметил закономерность, что больше монет выпадает

I had 141 coins from the replacements given from last month.

I bought the 4 offers for another 100

I did 4 coins summons and have 2 coins left

So from 165 tickets (22 flasks) I’ve had 161 coins.

Which is about normal for me.

Just adding this info here 22 flask, plus regular energy
53 w.e.
135 ticket used
Mainly farming 2.1.2 (backpack) (i know not a great spot for sea dragons)
Around 110ish coins in total.
Other alliances mate had the same feeling of lesser drop rate …without me asking or referring them to the forum or the idea itself.

I’ve used over 15 flasks (630 energy) and I’ve got ~80 coins using the loot tickets. Once I ran out of loot tickets and autoplayed the levels I didn’t get any. Already used 5 flasks and no more coins. For sure something is up

134 coins out of 16 flask mostly autoing 15.9 normal
Before level up i used 3 tickets on 27.9 hard and i got 20 coins and then 4 right after for another 7 coins.

Never received so few tokens. Usually with 20/25 flasks (53 WE each) I was able to make 2/3 Atlantis calls. This time I managed to make only one Atlantis call.
I received 109 tokens. Last time after the problem via e-mail I received about 300…

Here’s how things went, in my opinion. Due to the issue of last time, during the compensation some of the SG team noticed that many players were receiving “too many” tokens, so they decided to lower the dragon sea spawn rate (or the number of coins that each of them releases).

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6 coins out of about 60 levels. What a joke.

Collected 220 coins with ~2300 WE. Seems fine to me.

Seems fine to me… almost get coins from tickets and auto-farm.

Ok I got 8 coins before that ss

End of AR.

I did buy the offer today. So you got to minus 300.
So I’m under half from last time.

43 we 28 flasks plus a level up and various WE used. Seems abit low to me :woman_shrugging:


My backpacks looks right though.

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Double dragon


I have 44 WE when full. Used 26 flasks plus one level up. A total of 186 loot tickets used. Tickets are used on 15.9 H 60%, 1.9 H 40%. Auto farming backpacks on 1.2 N for quickness and decent recruits.
Total of 213 atlantis coins. Not that bad.

I think we can’t earn as many coins as before😑

Well, for me, its official. Whether there was an unannounced coin drop nerf or not, whether there is a reduced appearance of the orichalcum seadragon and/or its coin drop, I won’t be buying anymore the loot tickets either from the in-game shop twice a month for 1,200 and 1,400 gems or the from the last day offer during AR. I am just disappointed with the measly results I got.


More hard to get… 12 flask x 46. + 3days WE. + 1 level up… just 116 Atlantis Coins :frowning_face:

It seemed like I got more than usual.

That’s about as meaningless as everyone’s observations but I’ll toss mine in the ring.