Atlantis Coins. January 7, 2021

It seemed a bit less for me too but on my last 5 tickets i got 27 coins so i guess its just streaky as everything.

After the last Atlantis in 2020 I got emails with my lost coins. Will have a look if it will be the same after this Atlantis. Who does know? I missed summon in 2020, I guess that I will miss summon now. Interesting that I have 99 coins :laughing:

If it’d be streaky… Look at the screenshots. Guys spent a lot of WE, a lot of tickets and got ~10 coins… This is very small amount I believe. But, yes, some guys were very lucky, like you… :grinning:

No coins at all. But not that many tries. We’ll see But I have To say that Atlantis sucks now that I’ve played it through In Hard Mode. Without those coin I get no pulls at all. If I’m very Lucky I get one pull In every other atlantis event. Not very motivational.


Used my normal WE(50), then 2 flasks and got only 8 coins til now…too low😒

I was wondering the same, I used over 4 flasks now and 86 loot tickets. So far I’ve gotten 8 coins!!

63 loot tickets and 16 coins

First day Atlantis Rising of January 2021. After around 5.5 hours since it began, I spent already 13 WE flasks and around 270 loot tickets mostly on S2-9-10 (I need to level up). But I only managed to scrape 90 Atlantis Coins.

Last month’s coins reward netted me from my inbox almost 300 coins. Its official on my end. I’ve gotten by far the least number of coins from this current event than on the same one from the previous months. AGAIN, only on my end. Hope you guys have far better luck than me and I hope my luck changes tomorrow. Problem is, I have to grind most tomorrow since I have almost depleted my supply of loot tix. It makes me sad. :disappointed_relieved:


It is not the same…something is wrong


10 flasks and only 6 coins together.

It was maybe 150 att.together


110 ticket 20 coins WTF?

Guys, I just experimented a few times more with a few more flasks and few more tickets. I have 55 maxed world energy flags for my level (leveled up a few hours ago and it gave me an extra hero slot to my roster space, not the additional flag for max WE) and I burned several WE flasks at 2-9-10 using 18 loot tickets almost every time. I didn’t get from any of those previous instances Atlantis Coins exceeding 11. I still get 1 unused WE flag since 55 (my max WE flags) is not divisible by 3 (WE flag required at 2-9-10 during AR). Sometimes, with full WE flags, I spend 17 tickets at that stage to get a balance of 4 WE flags so that I can deplete them at 2-15-10 since it requires 4 WE flags and repeat the cycle again without wasting WE flags.

Odd thing is, instead of using 17-18 loot tickets in a single instance a few minutes ago, I used 1 at a time until I depleted my WE flags. The exercise gave me more coins total than doing 17-18 loot tickets in one go. One of those single loot ticket used gave me 10 coins. I know that the sample size is too low to make this experiment valid, but maybe you can try it out. Please do share your experience using loot tickets one by one.


And it appears I get more troops doing single ticket total than using 17-18 loot tickets in one go. I just did burn one more flask again and several tickets. Got more coins again in total than the previous all-WE-flag-must-go exercise several hours ago, which has given me only a max of 10 coins in one of those flasks burned. I already experienced twice getting 10 coins using single ticket twice.

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I have 46 flags due to my level. I have used several loot tickets in 2-9-9 and get 0 coins. Then I have used loot tickets one by one in the same stage using a world energy to refill my flags and get 5 coins…

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I’ve used about 300 energy and got 0. I’m tired of rng ignoring me

It would be nice if SG can give an official confirmation that there is no bug with loot tickets this time, so players can feel safe to use their tickets en masse.

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I used 220 loot tix and managed a whopping 70 coins. I usually get enough for 3 free pulls. I have also noticed the adventure kits have been lower that usual. I usually easily clear 1000 per about 275 loot tix and I’m under 600 so far.

Let’s say it guys, there wasn’t any bug in the first place.

The game working as intended.


I was farming today on both tickets and autoplay, frankly I did not notice anything strange about the drop. It was never a lot, farming for a full pull with 20 WE flasks was pretty much normal; now I farmed about 60 coins with 9 WE flasks. Seems within expectations.

Yes, there was a bug.

Whether or not dragons are appearing at a proper rate is TBD.

I’d also be completely unsurprised if there was yet another bug.

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