Atlantis Coins. January 7, 2021

Was the bug with Atlantis Coins fixed? I did a lot of fights and no one coin… January 7, 2021…


I have used roughly 30 tickets this morning and got about 40 coins.

I farmed only on 15.9 hard stage.

I used 2 flasks (36 tickets) and got 7 coins. To me it seems they lowered the odds of getting the coins. I have 20 more flasks to test this theory.


Seems significantly lower to me as well. I used 5 flasks so far and only got 22 coins in sum. One flask (8 attacks) didn’t even yield a single coin.

6 tickets + ~25 auto fights = 0 coins. I farmed on 9.4 normal stage

I thought I was the only who noticed very few coin drops.

Tried areas 1,3,4 and gone through 16 fights. Not 1 coin yet

Not one coin from 1.9 or 15.9 yet

Give a chance to 15.9 High :smiley:

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Thank you guys for your replies. I’m not alone. Or this is a bug, or SG very reduced drop of Atlantis Coins.


I didn’t even have the chance to test this theory. I played 2 loot tickets and then a bug occurred. Although it seems that you can play the stages with reduced WE, the energy itself on the button gives the normal (7, 8 etc) and the loot tickets button is missing… The last few days I came across some other bugs too.

Here’s my screenshots of this month’s AR:

Burned 6 WE flasks and around 120 loot tickets.


I don’t use loot tickets in AR, so in comparison thus far:

WE Level Farmed Atlantis Coins
99 S2: 1-2 28
99 S2: 1-2 02
99 S2: 1-2 15
99 S2: 1-2 11
99 S2: 1-2 03
99 S2: 1-2 00
100 S2: 12-10 30

I have noticed 2x 10 coin drops along the way.


It’s very interesting how new guys will complete Atlantis Coins source monsters quest…

I used 144 tickets in different stages both in normal and hard level and I got 101 coins. This is the round in which I got more coins:

13.1 hard mode and used 4 tickets simultaneously:

However, that was an exception. Sometimes I got between 2 - 6 and sometimes nothing.:man_shrugging:t4:

You are lucky in comparison with other people…

18 coins from 10 WE flasks.
Thats about 60+ attacks on mostly hard difficulty levels.
God forbid people get a free summon in this game.


Same here! I’m pretty sure I used to get more coins during AR. It took me couple of flasks to get around 20 coins.

2 flasks and only 5 coins… something is wrong for sure

I haven’t used any flasks till now, and have gotten 25 coins. I farm 6-8N/9-4N. I used about 50WE till now (my max is 54).

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