Atlantis coins in VIP pass

I was wondering if SG can include 10 Atlantis coins per day in the VIP pass along with the current benefits, this way more people would be attracted towards VIP pass. With Atlantis pulls needing 350 gems, 30 gems are too less, also no new buildings or building upgrade levels with season 2, so probably those needing a 2nd builder might stop buying the VIP pass.


I’m requesting level 4 ascension matts to please


one a day wouldn’t be too disruptive and would be kind of nice addition. 3.3 months of VIP to get one pull.

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Since the atlantis costs more than then original summons (and since I just recently caved and bought the VIP pass for the first time) I do definitely support this at a proper amount

Lik if We’d have to buy a pass 4 times to get one summon from just the VIP pass atlantis tokens alone, so its fair to SG imo

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I could see them doing 1 a day like with loot tickets. That would be nice to add on to the vip pass.

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Yes, one or two coins I can see. 10 coins a day would be an atlantis summon every 10 days, which is out of scale with the rest of the game (in my opinion).


I agree 1 or 2 a day would be prefect. That’s 10 free pulls a year (based on 1 only) nice reward that shouldn"t be frowned upon.

10 is far to extreme and would never be accepted by SG.
Be reasonable in your request guys if you ever want SG to pay attention to what your asking for.

Lets do it,lol


I vote for 3 coins :wink:

Not out of scale, you currently get 30 gems per day so you can do a epic summon every 10 days.

Great idea. If it’s 30 gems per day (10% of a normal summon - 10 days to get to 300) then 10 would actually be consistent.

@Coppersky stop being cheap the droprates are already low enough it’s like scraping the bottom of the barrel that u’ll get splinters.

I agree here. the number given out should not be huge. However I would add that perhaps an increase in gems or atlantis coins might be given to those who have completed building. One of the advantage of VIP is double build - however once that is completed it becomes redundant.

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It’s not just a regular ‘‘epic summon’’. I figure it is something as between an Epic and Event summon. Let’s go with 5 then. :wink:

Would be consistent if they removed the gems and added coins (what makes no sense). To add extra coins worth more than the 30gems/day is more than a unrealistic wish :smile: maybe if you pay 8€/month ^^

I was thinking along the lines of enhancing it…but, nothing is ever really free in this game :slight_smile:

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How can you already know what it’s like when we are still hours away from season 2 even starting?

It‘s just speculations and wet dreams :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I feel considering you get coins with complete each stage in season 2 that 2 or 3 coins per day in VIP would be acceptable when looking at it as a whole.

If your trying to compare gems with coins let me ask you this.

Do you get gems with every map stage at all. This bonus of coins seems to be very much overlooked greatly.

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