Atlantis Coins in game already?

One of our alliance has 5 , from titan chest, anyone else getting them?

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yes i get 5 already, you need the update and then you get it when open a titanen chest

I haven’t gotten any from Titan or raid chest yet, but a teammate got one from norrmal monster chest. IMO, this is a really nice addition to potential loot


Haven’t gotten any, but latest update for 1.14 build 778 update seem to have a tab to season 2 on the world map already mounted and made the announcement that the story continues in about 9 days and 14 hours (as of this writing).

Seems a bit earlier than the originally anticipated September release.


Slightly off but on topic, will season 2 heroes be available from training camps or are we going to have to upgrade that again to train Atlantis heroes?

Just available in summon gate

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If it is the same as in Beta, there will be a special gate…details in 9 days, 11 hrs! :wink:

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Yes, I got one from my monster chest.

1 down only 99 to go…


Do you know is season 2 will drop in 9 days, or just come a bit closer? Despite doing over 100 pulls I missed Drake Lee, so would like to see Atlantis this month :slight_smile:

Note: This picture was taken earlier. The countdown continues! :grin:


Got 2 from a diamond raid chest. 98 to go! :smile:

Yeah… In the moment i have 3 coins.

Is there any official explanation of those Atlantis coins? What can be summoned with them?

They can summon any S1 or S2 hero plus Perseus and Hel (as regular chances not bonus chances). You can do a single pull for 350 gems or 100 Atlantis tokens.

Does anyone know if you can use the “old” coins in Season 2 for summoning? Or is it strictly summoning with the new Atlantis coins…Asking for a friend.

Thanks :blush:

When you collect a certain amount you can do a free summons through the Atlantis gate in S2. You can also collect them the first time you complete each level in S2 on normal, and then more coins the first time you complete the same level on hard. In Beta the Atlantis summon gate has all the regular heroes, a selection of atlantis heroes (with increased chance of atlantis hero over same * level of regular hero), and a couple of the previous HotM. So a nice way for free players to get a chance at the summons. Perhaps a little more reliable than gaining the gold hero tokens from S1.


The ‘old’ coins are still for epic hero summons.


Thank you :relaxed: for the prompt reply

Just lucky timing! I popped in here after work. :smile:

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Do you mean common (1*) and uncommon (2*) heroes?