Atlantis coins after completing S2

I used to get about 1-5 atlantis coins daily from monster and hero chests (sometimes both chests and sometimes only one), but since i finished S2 hard i only got around 15 coins and from elemental chest and titan chests only
PS: i have finished atlantis on the 28th of april so i got plenty of time to try my luck

i just want to know if it is similar with other people who has finished S2 Hard and does it have to do with the new atlantis events? or is it i have a very bad luck

I don’t have similar experiences. Drop of Atlantis coins was always too low in my impression, and it is still the same level of low.

I wonder if I even gathered 100 coins out of the random drops, other than level completion. Can’t quite understand it, even if you get 100 of them the summon chances are still quite low, it shouldn’t be a 3 month effort to pull another Gil Ra.

No bug, just rare.

The new update Atlantis Rises will bring the chance to fight for coins again, release notes said…


So it seems i was lucky before i usually gathered 100+ coins from chests between each atlantis
Now my luck has dropped, hope i get lucky and pull guin this weekend

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