Atlantis Coin Removal from Missions

As someone who has completed both normal and hard difficulties, how will it be possible now to collect more coins outside of the 3 days we get for Atlantis?

The removal of coins from missions, and chests will make it harder for F2P persons trying to save coins and summon.

Is there a possibility of allowing us to reset the normal and difficult modes, and the normal becomes Difficult while Difficult is changed to mania (basically making them super difficult?)

I am excited for S3, but I would also enjoy the ability to have something to do during Atlantis rather than auto farm.

Ideas? Thoughts?


Nope no other way … oh there will be for sure now more Coins to buy.

According to me, the game should become bigger … iow we have Atlantis coins now … ADD Valhalla, dont take one to replace by the other.


I think PoV would be a great place to start adding in Atlantis coins and Valhalla coins.

I just hope SG might be open to the idea of what I stated above. It gives players something to do while waiting for the Realms to open up.

I don’t want S2 to be glossed over because of S3, I would like it to still have relevance other than auto farming for loot.


First loot tickets and now Atlantis coins. What’s next WE Flag ? :thinking::roll_eyes:


I was thinking when Valhalla coins will start appearing in loot as it is mentioned in it’s description, so it’s very soon which is nice.

But I don’t understand why they cannot drop altogether with Atlantis coins :thinking: Does all the chests/titans suddenly migrated to Valhalla or their space is limited?

Whatever, it’s not a nerf in term of number of summons (assuming the drop rate is same), but I really wonder if it would ruin SGG to keep both coins dropping? It was barely enough for one pull a month :man_shrugging:


I’d expect that if they kept both coins they would have to nerf their drop rate because the chests and titans would be splitting the two. A decrease of 50% for appearance rate for the inclusion of both would be worse imo.


Several people are speculating S2 heroes will become available through TC20, making coins and atlantis portal less important.

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I don’t think TC20 will have the inclusion of S2 heroes, if anything they will push them into hero academy where can roll into potential heroes by giving away duplicates.

But it would be awesome if they were included into TC20 or if they increased the TC to 21 where 21 is the summons of S2 heroes.


One should not replace the other. Can’t have anyone getting that one extra summon with free coins now, can we? This just looks like more greed to me.


one type of coins instead of 2, and the player pulls what he/she likes atlantis or valahala that should solve the problem for all…but again sg shows its true color :frowning:


That’s a quite…harsh decision. At the moment, I can’t see how exactly leaving atlantis coins could be detrimental for the game, or it’s experience.

It’s a plain weird choice, that one can’t help but perceive as malevolent and greedy.

Truly, I’m confused. SGG doesn’t want to be perceived as malevolent and greedy, right?

Right? :cry:


In the rewards, maybe reduce the drop rate of Atlantis coin in favor of the Valhalla (not sure if the spelling is correct) coins but keep both , would have been a better decision; outright removal of Atlantis coins from rewards sounds like a poor move, not that the drop rate is that high anyway.
Imo, I see no reason why, Atlantis and Valhalla coins can’t be both given independently as rewards, more so that both portals open every month and people are still clamoring for S2 heroes.


No, that’s how it is now. Anyway, it’s not as if there ever were a lot of Atlantis tokens in chests.

lets hope sg will increase the rate of sea horses popping up


Should still be able to get them during Atlantis Rises. The amount you get is random and I know it’s only once a month but Valhalla is only once a month as well. It feels like a natural progression but we don’t have to like it. I am quite fond of the Atlantis heroes, as is most everyone. We haven’t had enough time with the Valhalla heroes to form that bond with them yet. Perhaps we’ll look back on this as a positive but currently it’s kinda sad. Like one of our friends is moving away.


From the announcement it is not clear if Atlantis coins will remain as tournament rewards and drop from mystic vision or they will be replaced by Valhalla coins everywhere except season 2 map and missions connected with season 2.

Easy fix:

  • Leave the roll for coins in loot but make it a generic placeholder.
  • If triggered, give a 50% chance for Atlantis and a 50% chance for Valhalla.
  • Then put in the regular logic about how many you get.

No reason to take out Atlantis coins unless they’re planning to combine the portals (which I don’t think will happen). Just give either/or.


Just leave it as it is.
Atlantis coins drop in quite a lot of places plus dragons during Atlantis.
Being people have completed Atlantis and got all the free coins.
YOU have used them sure your pulls maybe crap but that’s expected.
Either buy the deals or not kinda simple if F2p that’s your choice :woman_shrugging:

I think it’s great that SGG decided to give F2P players a chance to S3 heroes, on top of the S3 mission rewards.

I also think it’s stupid they had to do this at the expense of Atlantis coins. I doubt any C2P or P2P player stopped purchasing Atlantis coins because you could get 100 of them from 1,000 chests.

With that said, I believe it’s better for F2P players to have an extra shot at a S3 hero every 3 months, even though it means losing a shot at a S2 hero every 3 months.

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Since season 3 have only one featured hero compared to the four of Atlantis, i don’t see this move as beneficial for me or anyone else that still try to collect coins rather then purchase.

I would understand getting half odds to get either Valhalla or Atlantis coins for the same slot, but i don’t really understand nor particulary like this developers choice.

Season 3 heroes are cool and all, but actually they dont have have any chance for previous HotM.

This is not beneficial for me, but rather detrimental.


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