Atlantis Calendar/Schedule & Guessing Returning HOTM [Currently discussing May 23 Cycle]


For what date will the portal ataltis be opened?. I ran to finish everything and spend all the coins last month and it was only 3 *, I feel unmotivated :sleepy:

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I think it will be May 30.


I really, really want it to straddle June!

I’m not even being greedy … I just want Proteus for my profile that doesn’t have him yet. My other profile already has three.

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May 30 till june 2nd would be perfect. I already have 2 Margarets.

Not that i will do many pulls, but i may do a 30 then.

SGG saying they will release more Atlantis heroes. Any spectacular 4 yet in Beta? And how is Ursene?


I’m not sure they’d do that. Obviously anything can happen, but Ursena is a huge month and GM is a huge month. I don’t see them together to start unless there are 2 HOtM.


your bad day will come soon or later , trusts me , happened to me many times. dont push your luck too much

its not about you got *5 or not , but sometime you got duplicate many times , in my case i got 5 Isarnia and 4 Azlar from 2 past atlantis lol , i was happy with *5 also sad with duplicates


Hopefully hero academy really does let you trade in duplicate heroes… I have 6 Anzogh’s :laughing:

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Are you sure about that? 30 May is 5th Thursday, usually we have it at 4th Thursday (23 May). In November 2018 and January 2019 which have 5th Thursday, we had Atlantis at 4th Thursday.


Oops, you;re probably right. I was think of it as the last Thursday, but it is the fourth Thursday.

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So it looks like it will be this Thursday? Any educated guesses on the heroes?


Possibly Perseus and GM as returning HotM
Misandra and Tarlak / Ursena.


Perseus and Natalya to round out the first season. D’Aife and Tarlak.

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That would be awesome


Ursena doesn’t seem all that great to me… can’t see even trying for her really if she stays same spec. I’m going to save my gems for GM or Mitzuko feature and possibly Ranvir next month.


Not sure if I missed it, but is Ursena part of an Atlantis Family? Wondering if she will add to one of the bonuses or not.


If stats and skills remain as rumored from Beta, then she will be something good against yellow Titans, and as Mitzuko is against blue so will be Ursena against (Holy) yellow. So pitching yellow against her in defense won’t be a good idea.

So why not, she will be a good addition.

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well she is one of Atlantis family paired with Ariel + Poseidon to get 10% and Atomos (after buff hopefully) to get 15% Defense , thats alot

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@zephyr1 & @Petri

Is there any plans for a new timer/ countdown function in game until Atlantis summons now that season 2 no longer gives a countdown?

Also, can SG confirm if the summons/ Atlantis rises is opening on the 23rd or 30th of May?


Nothing like that has shown up in Beta so far, so I don’t know if they’re planning on adding anything or not.


I don’t believe there is a countdown timer planned but Atlantis event will start on this Thursday (May 23).

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