Atlantis Calendar/Schedule & Guessing Returning HOTM [Currently discussing Mar 28 and Apr 25 2019 Cycles]


Do we know what HOTM are returning and what the new featured 5* from S2 will be available?

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Speculation only. Guessing Kageburrito and Inari for the Atlantis 5*. Possibly Thoth and Zeline or GM for the HotM

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I would be very happy with those 4. Need me a Burrito de Kage and Maker of Graves.



I need Inari and Zeline, so I’m hoping too



I would certainly be happy with Zeline as an option as well. Skipped pirates and plan on doing a 30 pull. Hopefully I can get a little lucky. Still have yet to pull a purple 5*.



There’s a thread on this with some reasonably well-informed speculation:

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I believe the two featured will be ariel and kageburado. Hotm will be kunchen next month and then march and april hotms are an animal and weird guy. But their in beta. The russian video shows them. One day i would think sg would kick all the russians from beta



You don’t think Inari will make a return this cycle, in keeping with the past cycles?



I’m curious: what’s your thinking behind Ariel vs Inari in Atlantis this month?

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We have only seen Kageburado and Inari in one month each. They each will come back this month, consistent with how the Lagoon family worked. Pattern was

  • Month 1: Hero A and B
  • Month 2: Hero B and C
  • Month 3: Hero C and A

January is Month 3 for Sakura family.



I thought they were asking who the featured characters will be. So the new one will be areil since she has yet to be released and the other will be last months new feature which is kage… correct??



I would venture to guess it will be Thoth and Delilah. Both lack elemental links and have not appeared yet. It’s a bit too soon to see GM as part of the Elemental Link group, imo. But who knows, maybe Hel is back again.

Definitely Inari and Kageburado. I don’t think Mitsuko will be available until next month when all 3 of Kage, Inari, and Mits will be added to the pool with Tarlak, Misandra, and Mok. By then we’ll also see 2/3 of Atomos, Ariel, and Poseidon.



Ariel won’t be released until next month. Featured S2 will be Kageburado and Inari. Unknown which HoTM will be up, though I’m guessing Thoth and GM. Just guesses on those two.



That combo would bring some serious cash-flow in the company’s bank account!

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Thoth isn’t beloved, but his Sorcerer status makes him suddenly much more relevant—and he’s the last 2027 HotM that hasn’t been featured. My thought of GM was that SGG would want a big draw against a more “meh” hero.



Personally, I think Alby and Perseus will make another appearance unless Alby has come back twice.

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Since I’m not sure which thread is still active and there are few on the same topic I will post this here as well:

Atlantis 1 - August 2018: Hel & Perseus (Atlantis Heroes: Tarlak & Misandra)
Atlantis 2 - September 2018: Ares & Alberich (Atlantis Heroes: Misandra & Mok-Arr)
Atlantis 3 - October 2018: Athena & Natalya (Atlantis Heroes: Tarlak & Mok-Arr)
Atlantis 4 - November 2018: Ares & Zeline (Atlantis Heroes: Mitsuko & Inari)
Atlantis 5 - December 2018: Athena & Mushashi (Atlantis Heroes: Mitsuko & Kageburado)
Atlantis 6 - January 2019: Toth-Amun & Delilah (Atlantis Heroes: Inari & Kageburado)




Next one and more stages will be available end of February.

I hope to finish also all levels at hard difficulty till then. But they are becoming mor and more insanly heavy to beat…

Need some war items to finish hard now.



Hi guys, wanna ask if you know when Gravemaker will appear on Atlantis again.
I’m really excited about getting him this time


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No way to know before hand. You’ll just have to wait and see like the rest of us. :slight_smile: