Atlantis Calendar & Guessing Returning HOTM [Currently discussing Feb 2019 Atlantis]


People can speculate, but no one knows for sure.

There was a fair bit of speculation that he’d return last month…which turned out to be wrong.

Some past threads of relevance:

And some tracking on past ones offered:

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What’s the current money line on GM and Aegir as a pair?


I don’t understand money lines lol


It’s the amount you have to bet to win $100. I’m guessing the answer is: a lot:slightly_smiling_face:


For gm and aegir pair? Yup



Merged :heart_decoration:


Lol that will suck sooo bad. Already have 2 aegirs. Anymore and i probably will finally rage quit


I’ve got you covered, my friend:


I spent hundreds for gm last time with no luck lol that was bad enough. But to top it off with summoning more aegirs…it cant even be put into words


I believe the expression is “adding insult to injury.” Fingers crossed for the wallet-emptying combo of Hel and GM!


If it’s GM and Hel then there goes my tax return money…


I’m willing to guess that they will pair Hel with Musashi the next time she appears. She was already paired with Perseus and I don’t see them offering 2 dark heroes in the same month for a Thoth pairing. My other guess would be Natalya, but that wouldn’t be bad. All the other combos would be fantastic. I hope I’m wrong :slight_smile:


That’s the spirit!

I could use a few more hels



It should be two heroes drawn from Yellow/Blue/Green for Atlantis this month (I don’t know which two, though). So Purple and Red wouldn’t be crazy. But honestly, I expect something a little more subdued in the same month that Wonderland premieres.

My guess is they’re going to want to save the big-money past HOTM for March, since the rabbits are kind of lackluster. People will still have lots of cash for Atlantis at that point.

@Feardragonx Boy do I hear that!

February atlantis

■■■■ I might not get that money on time :sweat:


Good thinking. I’ll be crazy and play Carnac the Magnificent:

Season 2 Feature heroes;

  • Atomos (green fighter)
  • Ariel (blue healer/cleric)

Rerun HotM:

  • Gravemaker
  • Gregorion


Do you need complete silence from the audience?

Man, I remember getting to stay up late to watch him. Thanks for the guesses, and the good memories!


If we’re placing bets:

S2: Poseidon, Ariel
HOTM: Alberich, Natalya

I think Hel will be paired with Musashi, but I don’t know if it will be this month or some future one. I just want her to join my team :sob: .


They already got their buyout, they don’t need the few million dollar pop that combo would bring them.