Atlantis and Valhala Coins

Why doesn’t the season-2 and season-3 maps gives atlantis and valhala tokens at normal times? I think this will increase the playability of new maps in the game.

They give the coins the first time you complete the level (regardless of the time of month), thereafter, for Atlantis, you can get them from PoV and Atlantis rises. For Valhalla, they drop pretty regularly in chests, but there are no bonus tokens (currently) on re-run S3 levels.

As those are free summons, I wouldn’t expect too much movement on this front. It would be nice to get Atlantis coins as well as Valhalla coins in regular drops (as I otherwise tend to manage less than 100 coins on an average month of Atlantis Rises), but as this change was recent, I’m not holding my breath…

As I replayed every level on the map, I wasn’t actually talking about earning coins regularly. It would be nice to even give it randomly. For example, at the time of Atlantis, it may be like giving some amount of coins when playing some maps. The fact that this coin is random can even add excitement. Honestly, i play season-1 maps all the time, except Atlantis and Valhala times.

I think you are doing exactly the same as other players.
Atlantis coins will drop from the sea horse found in SS2 map stage during Atlantis rise.
SS3 summon tokens can be found only in SS3 maps where you finish the stage for the first time (same practice for SS2 2 years ago).

It’s darn near impossible to get a significant number of Atlantis Coins without spending money once you’ve beat Season 2 on both Normal and Hard.

Path of Valor gives enough for a pull or two if you buy premium (which I do), but the Bonus Dragons during Atlantis Rising are few and far between.

I’m lucky to do three pulls a month during Atlantis now without having to buy in.

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As I understand it, this is a problem and everyone is setting their own strategy to get these coins.
It is a pity that most of these strategies are related to purchasing.

So true, I can do only 2 pulls by 200 Atlantis coins every month since I am C2P.
Maybe 1 or 2 times additional if I use gems…
And every pull so far from Atlantis Rise are CRAPPED.
I have got Mitsuko and Atomos 2 years ago during the Atlantis progression, but after SS2 finale, no more good heroes for me at all.

Did you also notice that there are no more Atlantis Coins in the Tournaments?

It changed to SS3 tokens, I guess

It is a pity that the Valhala coin did not come from the Valor path, nor the Alantis coin from the tournaments. In normal times, I think that if they add these two coins to the maps, they won’t lose a lot of money.