Atlantis....and next HOTM

So I didn’t get February’s HOTM but I am definitely doing a 10-pull @ Atlantis (plus an additional 3–>4 pulls from coins). I feel like SG should let us know what the March HOTM is so that we can make an informed decision of when to actually pull the trigger?

So for those of you in the Beta…can you at least make a recommendation? (go for Kunchen or wait) The reason I ask is because I am definitely spending less in the game and there is a good chance I won’t have many additional chances in March!

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The info has been around here for quite a while already. It’s only pics/video they’re not allowed to post.


Oh jeez do I feel dumb. Thanks!

No worries. Stuff can be hard to find on here sometime. :slight_smile: Good luck with your 10-pull.


Please see linked threads to continue discussion. :slight_smile: