Atlantis 27-9 Hard, How Do You Beat It?


I beat Atomos easily by using Proteus (and mana potions) to prevent him from charging his special.

I see you have Hel. use here, and you will win easily.


Woohoo! Just took this level down on the first try. Team was:

  • Sonya + 6
  • Sabina + 9
  • Onatel 3^70
  • Tiburtus + 7 (subbed in for Gormek + 9 because of half red damage underwater)
  • Melendor + 6

Total team power: 3591

Got relatively favorable boards through the mob waves, including a few diamonds. Consequently, I only needed a couple of small healing potions before the boss wave, and only then because the first two mobling hits both targeted Melendor. Grr.

Got to the boss wave with everyone ready to fire, and obviously targeted Atomos with all specials until he was dead. Having read about the difficulty of this wave, I went ahead and set off a dragon attack early so it could be burning. The mana control from Onatel helped keep Atomos from firing too often. First time, everyone barely survived, and both Sabina and Melendor fired to bring everyone back to full health and dispel the annoying resurrection feature.

First dragon attack burned through, so I fired another and kept whaling away on Atomos almost exclusively (tiles and specials). Used small healing potions to recover from regular attacks and keep everyone’s HP over 1,000, knowing the Immortal Annihilator was coming again. When it did, Proteus followed up on the same turn with a regular hit, so I couldn’t heal, and that was it for Tiburtus. Heals brought everyone else back.

Continued to target Atomos and got him down to 131 HP. Probably could have killed him with tiles, but if I had miscalculated, a third Immortal Annihilator was in the offing, and by this time, I was out of healing potions and Sabina was also down, so I could just see not being able to dispel the stupid thing. Used a single bomb, and that was all she wrote for Atomos. The rest was just a war of attrition between what was left of my team and Proteus. Since his special does no direct damage, I just used an antidote every time it fired - more of a nuisance than a worry. Ended up using one more dragon attack for good measure and brought him down with only Onatel still standing.

Sonya’s ridiculous defense and fast mana were helpful here. Wish I’d had Poseidon ready to rock (currently at 3^39); learning to love the fast sniper. Definitely recommend two healers, and if you’ve got dispelling snipers like Sonya and Caedmon, they can be helpful, too. I would say it’s doable with only four-stars, but it has to be the right four-stars. No mana control for me probably would have turned this into a loss. On the other hand, with something like time stops for mana control, maybe doable with only four-stars.

Next up, the marathon final battle with Ursena on hard. Will probably use this same team, load up on healing (and maybe some mana potions) and see how it goes. I really want that reward for completing hard mode, especially before the gate opens. Thinking I might get as many as 11 or 12 Atlantis summons this time (a lot for me, a F2P). Also, darts from Ursena + darts from Shiloh at the end of the month = final ascension for Poseidon! Muahahahahaha!

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I used Joon Leo Vivica Guin3/70 and Wilbur. Used one miracle scroll that‘s it. Leo manacut was insanely usefull!!! But Wilbur was also great