Atlantis 27-9 Hard, How Do You Beat It?

I’ve tried twice now at hard 27-9 for Atlantis and I’m stuck. Tried my strongest 4100+ teams, and a all red stack around 3800 TP. I’ve killed him a couple times but then he just keeps reviving himself. I understand that’s part of the special for him, but my teams aren’t weak and I can’t seem to beat it. So how did you guys beat that level?

That’s everyone I have built so far, what team would you try to take to beat it?

Note that the ability to revive can be dispelled before you kill him. Maybe throw Sonya or Melendor into the mix. A well-timed dispel could put the final nail in Atomos’ coffin. (Disclaimer: I haven’t tried this on hard yet, so I don’t know if Sonya or Melendor - who is especially squishy - can survive this battle in order to dispel.)

In the Easy Level, this was a job for Hel. I’d say she’ll do it for me as well when I get to Hard (going in order).
Realizing yours is at 3/70, not sure if that’ll work. I’d ascend her!!

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this was my team + items. I used all reviving items, Sandwatch and a couple of mana/health portion.
I required 3-4 attempts to win the fight.

I guess my main problem is I don’t have a strong enough mana stopper :frowning:

Best case scenario - carry a strong mana stopper AND a strong debuffer… That may not be possible for everyone. For me I took Onatel and Kageburado. A Debuffer is very important in 27-10 as well once Ursena fires (you need to get rid of her reflect Holy ASAP if you’re carrying Holy heroes).

I think it’s probably better in these really tough stages to go “healer-heavy” and make sure everyone stays alive. It’s tough for me to say exactly what battle items you should take because teams are so different. But Mana potions and Health potions can be critical. Atomos’ special doesn’t hit that hard, but his normal attack seems borderline devastating. I didn’t take in any 4* heroes, but I think he might one-shot them.

I beated the level with: Wu Kong, G. Jackal, Onatel, Melendor and Wilbur. Went into the last stage with all my specials ready and with many yellows on the board on the right side (I also kept a yellow diamond for the bosses). I fired all the specials, moved the board a little before the bosses charged and then I used the diamond. They both died at the same time (thanks to wilbur jackal and wu, a very effective trio). I had also tornados and bombs in case the didn’t die, but I just used some minor healing and mana potion during the previous stages. The hardest part was to keep the heroes alive with the monsters, that’s why I kept wilbur’s buff always on.

The team I used for this (and pretty much every) Atlantis level was:

Fun fact: Atomos damages before he applies his revive buff, so if you have riposte up and the reflected damage from Atomos’ special kills him, he does not revive (unless he already had the buff to begin with). If he does manage to put on his revive buff, a dispeller can get rid of it.


Well I’m coming to say I beat it, but not really in my eyes. I had all specials lined up, then used 5 dragon attacks, 5 bombs, and still barely did it. But man were those 5 4* mats worth it! :slight_smile:


Stack against him and debuff. Timestops if needed.

ez pz

Enemies on normal mode hit hard enough, hard is no joke. Mob enemies can sometimes kill a fully ascended 4* in 3 or 4 hits. Healing is utmost importance. But if playing somewhat defensively, have to make sure passive offense is present. I brought Boldtusk, Melendor, Cyprian, Isarnia, and Wu Kong.

Brought Bomb Attack, Mana Vial, Healing Potion, and Antidote. Stage is also more challenging because it is also Underwater. So there is not much time to ghost tiles so hoping for a good placement board, and expect to go into the final stage somewhat charged on the special. The healing potion was there to make sure that Melendor / Boldtusk / Wu Kong don’t get picked off by mobs.

I bomb attack to debuff Atomos and Proteus attacks, fire off BT, Cyprian, Isarnia, and Wu Kong. Then just let the tiles fly, obviously trying to send Red against Atomos and Yellow against Proteus. If Proteus fires off his special, immediately have Antidote to ward off the effects, if Atomos got to fire, that’s usually when I use Melendor’s heal recover and to dispel his special.

A large chunk of the damage Atomos took was actually him hitting Cyprian’s Riposte with his special. When he is about to die, I judge how much damage I am dealing him, vs. how close to dead he is, and his mana status. Either I wait (by ghosting other color tiles) and kill him as soon as his special wears off, or I dispel it with Melendor if it looks like the next series of tile damage will do him in. Melendor is squishy, so it is vitally important to make sure BT remains alive too.

Proteus is easier to deal with when his special can be warded off with a simple Antidote. War of attrition is not advised on this level (Underwater), so do not get into a kill / revive battle with Atomos, one false move and if out of items can mean a defeat or forced flee.

It wasn’t pretty, but I was able to get 27-9 Hard done without having Atomos trigger the revive part of his special.

Good luck.

Troops matter too. I’m a little nervous to attempt it without a 4* red troop at all and my others only at level 9. My plan is Onatel, Marjana (not maxed yet :roll_eyes:), Rigard, Athena and Evelyn. I might bench Rigard for BT though if I can up my troops.

Use mana controller heroes and timestop.

Mana pot the mana heroes when needed.

That’s crazy.

Atomos wasn’t a problem for me. Proteus prevented him from casting. Saw his rezz only once during all levels. Then he committed suicide on riposte.

Hard stage of Ursena was the only one with a defeat. All the other bosses could easily be prevented from charging at all.

I found it pretty easy just super long (like 15 minutes for the hard Ursena). I did die when she got down to 1,000 total HP left out of like 100,000 but I expected that so I’m not complaining about the 75 gems I had to use. I’m just glad I’m totally done with it now :slight_smile:


These guys and a lot of time :hourglass:

I used 2 healers (Delilah and Ariel), Kageburado, as the faster debuffer available, Drake and GM. Took a long time, but wasn’t too difficult. I will try it again with Delilah and Red Hood, as I suspect lots of minions will also do the trick

27-9 is an underwater stage, so I wouldn’t have expected that to be effective at all considering that red tiles deal paltry damage. :crazy_face:

Minions are purple and yellow, so bring purple and yellow heroes.

I beat it myself with a team that had much weaker overall TP:
Hu Tao | Khiona | Gretel | Sabina | Wu Kong

I bombed the bosses at the end with arrows, axes, and bombs. Brought antidotes for Proteus. He fired once before I killed him first, which was quick with my team using Wu Kong’s boost + Khiona’s berserker attack.

I recommend killing Proteus first, because if Atomos fires his skill, you will have room to charge skills and wait him out, or at least clear out any garbage tiles.

With your roster I would do:
Delilah Panther Drake Tibertus WuKong

Victor maybe for tile damage over Tiburtus… but I feel like the def- may be more helpful.

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