Atlantis 25/10/18

Hallo does anyone know HOTM this time in atlantis event?

looks like Musashi and Athena this time, but nobody really knows that for sure. Athena is really good, but I wouldnt be so up for Musashi.

Wow how come it can be the same as what i think to
Musashi and athena or delilah athena hahahah

Musashi is a good guess, because he was first holy HotM and others were there already. In first Atlantis gate we had ice Perseus and dark Hel, so I’d say we get Athena or Thoth-Anum as the second one.

Is Musashi a good hotm? Didn’t see him so often :confused:

I dont think so toth anum because red elemen last month is already out ares

Actually, Thoth-Anum is a dark (purple) hero, red HotMs were Ares (out), Natalya and Grave Maker.

Oooo i’m sorry i’m wrong hahahaha…

But yellow element not yet out so i think maybe musashi or delilah

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