Atlantic special offer


Hello. Can you tell me , special offer of buying 400 gems + 25 atlantic coins, in amount of 5 is a single offer during this summon?


It is a limited time offer, which is available only during Atlantis events. So it will be available again in the October Atlantis event. If you are a C2P player, now is the time to spend your $, i think it really worths it.


It seems that it was a single chance to get cheap gems. It wasnt worse it… 16 puls - 15 3* and one 4* S1…


if you’re ever going to buy gems this deal is the way to do it. Its less than half price including the tokens.


Please remove this topic. I was just frustrated by today’s unsuccessful pools (16 pools - 15 3 * and 1 4 * S1) and lack of 5 *. Then I realized that I should not worry about the game. I will continue to win wars with my 4 *. Thank you guys for your answers!


closed at request of poster.