Atl xoins missinh

This morning I finished 3 stages on hard and recieved onlly 10 atlantis coins . Pls give me my coins

Is it possible that you replayed a Stage you’d already completed previously?

No it is not posiblle but u guys can see that too . my forum and ingame nicks are the same btw

To clarify, the Forum is just for peer support from fellow players — so we can’t see anything. :slight_smile:

If you want to talk to Staff directly, you’ll need to contact Support:

I believe i got the same problem with you…Play 1 hard level but no 5 coins received…

Kept me wondering did i already play the hard level already but i was quite sure i never play that level on the Hard level. I just moved on!

You can see if you gotten the coins in the recent activity menu in options

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