Athena's special dispells defense buff?


img1: enemy Kiril used his special, both heroes had defense and attack buff.

img2: I used Athena’s special, and it DISPELLED Kiril’s defense buff, but attack buff was still there.

img3: Sabina’s defense buff from Kiril is removed by Athena as well.

After img3, I 1-shot debuffed kiril with Sartana. The defense buff was clearly removed, not neutralized.

I don’t know if this is new, I have the 1.6 version.
Haven’t test it on other heroes except Kiril.


Yes this is how other defence lowering heroes work as well. When the opposite of an effect is added to an existing effect it replaces the one that was there. It is also true for instance when heroes have been hit with damage debuff and boldtusk buffs damage


So it was like this before 1.6? Huh, I havent notice it.
good to know!


Tbh I’m not sure if athenas special did this earlier. Standard pulverisers like Grimm and gormek did it but this would be natural result from changing so that Athena doesn’t stack with other defence lowering specials. Before update athenas special had an unique icon for its effect.


That makes sense. Athena is my only defence lowering hero, that’s why I was surprised when she dispelled defense buff. Her special did not dispell enemy’s defense buff before patch 1.6.

Nice, so Athena is better in raids now.


Athena did not do that in 1.5 and before.

Actually I might disagree, because she didn’t dispel defensive buffs, it also meant you could stack Athena with another defense debuffer (Grimm / Tibby / Gormek); the latter 3 did overwrite Kiril and Magni and Vivica and maybe a few more that I’m forgetting.

Because of that stacking, you could get some absurd tile damage; but it doesn’t change my raid life much as I so rarely slotted tibby in… but tibby + athena were my go-to pairing for literally all titans, I don’t know how tonight is going to go but I’m not looking forward to it heh.


Athena is better now alone, but the removal of the stacking with gormek and other similar made her weaker.