Athena's defence reduction

any comments about changing Athena’s skill? It can’t be used in combo with any other defence reduction like Buddy or Wilbur anymore. Why is that?

It shouldn’t have been in the first place. Her -def DOES stack with Jackal, Falcon, Panther, Arthur, Frida, Evelyn.

Same types of buffs overwrite each other while different types stack.

You could stack Athena + Wilbur/Isarnia/Buddy + any elemental Jackal, Falcon, Panther, Arthur, Frida, Evelyn before. You cannot anymore.

I’ve never seen athena stack with isarnia/wilbur/Grimm, etc.

Do you have screen shots of this?


@BlindOneManArmy, it is overwritten.


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lol…was JUST about to paste same link…nice one

Athena’s defense reduction is limited to 65% (if I well remember). That’s already telling she has a very powerful special skill, which if had no boundary would reduce enemy’s defence near to 0 in case of multiple combos (that would be extremely overpowered). Same happens with Khiona’s berserk effect. Being that said, up to 65% defense reduction is already dangerous enough.

Anymore? It’s been a long time since that was possible. Almost 2 years ago from today, before Wilbur and Buddy ever existed: 1.6 Release Notes

  • Fixed Athenas’ debuffs to stack correctly.
  • Fixed Briennes’ buffs to stack correctly.

Reasoning for that was game balance, mainly for titan scores:

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