Athena's defence debuff sometimes not applied

First of all I didn’t take video. But I clearly noticed in my last raid that when I used Athena and she fired at Lianna - Lianna received only damage but not defence debuff. I will try to record some videos soon to prove this. It’s happens not all the time but enough often because I already have suspicions but wasn’t sure because not counting turns, so was thinking that debuff simply ended. But now there was no debuff effect just right after the skill usage.

@anon39993326 There have been several reports of similar issues (many involving Athena in particular), which seem like they may just be a visual bug so far:

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Oh. Maybe it’s same case. Searched by Athena’s name for bug to not create new topic, but obviously not found it. Thanks for answer. I am still will look on this case. And also will check is it visual bug or debuff not works at all.

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This thread already exists (please see link). Please post under that thread. Thanks!

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Duplicate thread.

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