Athena's debuff stacking properly?


I just got Athena and immediately went to test her out in a map battle. When i use her special it gives the initial debuff on the enemies, but it doesn’t seem to be giving the secondary debuff that is supposed to be added with subsequent hits (checked by long-pressing an enemy). Is this a bug or am i being a dum dum and missing something?


The debuff works. Its just doesnt say (by holding). But you can see the damage difference by watching the numbers. I wish you could read it though.


Did some testing earlier to confirm, Balthazar damage from various Athena uses on bosses of 8-7, no level / skill level changes for the test runs:

Had a third run with Athena + 3 yellows then Balth where I hit 700 something but like an idiot I didn’t record the data properly.