Athena vs strong color pulverizer

Hey ,

Now after i pulled Athena, i question myself what is better for titan damage?

Athena or a strong color ramming pulverizer?

Is more -defence more worth than strong color tiledamage?

Because if i bring athena from now on to every titan i would put my gormek and tibertus on hold and start other Projects.

Ty for your input

Athena is a (very strong Grimm) thats it. She is good on all titans but not green (same as Grimm) then you get Gormek back.

Yeah, but is she better on a yellow Titan or should you still bring tiburtus?

Is the ~30% more def down from athena more worth then the strong color tiledamage that tibertus brings in this case?

I own all the pulverizer execpt Grimm .
Gormek is at 3/60
Tibertus just started at 2/16
Buddy at 1/1

But if athena is better on yellow titans anyway i rather would Start working on proteus.

Even on green titans i question if the ~30% extra deff down is worth missing out on some pure tiledamage.

Edit: is there a formular here in the Forum how to calculate damage? And do we have defense values of titans to work with?

@Kerridoc need your help here with math :blush:

My gut reaction is that Tibertus is still better against holy titans and Gormek/Wilbur against green titans. Bring Athena against blue, purple and red.

Athena is weak against green, so the need for Gormek/Wilbur is clear.

Th big caveat here is “if you can keep Tibertus alive.” Athena has much better defense and health than Tibs. I bring Athena against holy 12* because they one-shot Tibs. YMMV.


Here is the damage calculation formula:

I think that no one has bothered to calculate the titans def values.

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Oki thank you guys for your input.
Will keep working on them both. If they and athena are finished leveling i will Test it on titans and will Update this topic.(so in a Month or two xD)

Edit: currently fighting 8 and 9 stars btw

Athena has a better def down and it gets better as more hits are put in. Granted for a shorter period. But if I was about to trigger a cascade, I would rather have her special up than any of the pulverizers.

When you have color specific defdown Like Falcon the red tile damage from Gormek values way more than just strong color - then I would pick him over Athena. If you don‘t have colorspecific defdown I think it‘s a tough call. I‘d probably bring Athena against all but green in your spot.
Do you have the mats ready? I mean anyway you should level the pulverizer trio for war.

Is Athena better than Wilbur on titans.How much is her maximum def down(is there a limit, for ex.63% def down or no ).“further 4% decrease with every hit” means that every tile is decreasing the defense with 4% or every hit with special skill?

Did anyone crunch numbers on this in the end? :slight_smile:

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