Athena still of no use


Even though Athena has been updated and Athena’s Special Skill is -4% defense decrease, instead of earlier -2%, she is still of no use. During Titan battles she is always attacked first and dies very quickly. I’m not asking for an increase in special skill, but I do think she needs a increase in defense for sure. I have Athena and she’s always the first to go no matter where I place her. So a little extra Defense would help. Just a thought.


Personally I think her base stats are just fine.
She has more defense and life than many other 5*s and a very high attack stat as well.


I agree, she is still not very useful. Prior to the nert, We could deal with the weak defense because of the powerful buffs but now that is diminished significantly, the defense is a huge problem.
What a waste of time and money!


What level Athena’s are we talking here?

For a lot of us (especially me) we’re underlevel against the heroes / titans we’re going against… if we’re talking max third ascension and it’s still a problem vs the typical 4*, then maybe there’s something to it but on paper at max level stat wise she’s better than the other similar blues… Isarnia being the closest comparison is squishier with a somewhat higher attack stat.

As for the titan battles, not certain that wasn’t the case before the patch and I’m stuck a bit in limbo now alliance wise heh.


I haven’t maxed Athena, it’s just Titan battles


I have her half way through 3rd ascension. I need ed a better blue 5 star hero and decided she was the best. I am battling mostly top 50 players.
I had other options to ascend other 4 and 5 star blue heros and thought I made an informed choice.At the time it was the right decision but less than two weeks later it was the worse decision. I would like to get some of those rare ascension items back.
For titans, she was great…gave us a shot at defeating 9 and 10 star overpowered titans, now we are back to struggling and using a lot of battle items.


Same here, that’s why I wanted Athena because my alliance kept loosing to 6* Titans, thought this would be our chance. I guess we’ll have to keep lvling and try to increase team power


I get the whole “I wanted Athena to make insane damage against Titan”, but that can’t happen. A single hero cannot be the difference between someone doing 20k and 120k. That’s what we call overpower. Every Hero has to be balanced, legendary should have and edge, but cannot be OP to a point that you HAVE to have her in your team or you would be able to do that kinda damage.

If you are not strong to kill a 6* Titan, you and your team have to improve, use items, farm for them and all of that. The top players are no top only because they payed for some better heros, they use strategy and items to its fullest. But Athena broke that, it’s was a matter of having her or not, that was just wrong and unfair. It became a matter of what Alliance had more Athenas.

Athena OP had to go and become normal. She’s still very porwerful in the right set. If she’s dying too easy, then get her some friends that boost her def, get troops that boost def, HP and healing recieved, use turtle banners, friends that decrease the Titans attack power. That is the point of the game, work and create strategies to deal with the problems. Not just sit there and wait for Athena to wreck the Titan.


I agree with you. She still sucks. Before the nerfing I fed her grimm… I will always regret that. Her only good skill is looking pretty.
Sorry, mr. Devs, you’re done and keep doing a sh…y job with this hero.


:rofl: This killed me. Lol


I really think her skill should be bumped to 6% instead of 4%. I think that would put Athena in a really balanced spot.


Athena is still op when it comes to titans. With any other team of heroes I struggle to do get 25k damage on titans. It is the same for everyone in our alliance. Except for the group of players who have Athena. No matter what the rest of their setup is they reliably get hits over 30k and occasionally do hits close to 50k. This is still a very large bump on one hero. If you hadn’t had that first experience of getting 100k hits you would be thrilled of having her.

This should be enough to validate her worth. There are other heroes more or less only usable for one position, like middle hero on defence team.

But why are you saying that she is worse than Grimm as attack or defensive hero? At maxed she has much more defence and health than Grimm and her special is much stronger. At what level do you expect her to pass Grimm? Normally 5s needs to be highly levelled on 3rd ascension to pass a maxed 4s.

Am I missing something? I don’t have her but I would love to, even after they take away that her ability stacks.


Maybe–since it’s easier to max Grimm–they are saying Grimm maxed is better than an Athena we cannot level (due to the dearth of ascension materials)…

Or am I reading into the text?


Hi rook, I just edited the text. I meant a high levelled 5s on 3rd ascension usually surpass a maxed 4s hero but maybe you understood what I meant anyway. I don’t have an levelled Athena to compare with but looking at the number when maxed I would have guessed that the above is true for Athena surpassing Grimm as well. It is true that comparing 5s heroes on last ascension can be misleading since very few players has been able to get there due to the rarity of ascension mats. But ascending an 5s to 3rd ascension is not particularly harder than ascending an 4s to last ascension.


I agree that Athena is really good against titans as she is. She is the only 5* i have and i ascended her for the first time now, but her skill in combination with brienne and wu cong doubled my damage i usualy do against 6,7* titans. She is a game changer for me.


Well, dear Rook, you must agree with me :wink:
Now, my Athena is level 50… Still, just looking pretty… Sweet looking Gormek is a much better hero at level 5 with 3 stripes.


I still want an Athena… :wink:


I already got 3, very yamy show for my first :princess:


Just got Athena and have been working on Grimm. Consensus is she is still better than Grimm at same ascension?


I think so. Though I still think she could use a small buff.