Athena special did not charge

This war attack happened at 09:09am CET.

Athena has level 17 mana troops as well as the mana node in the talent grid. She should charge in nine tiles.

In this battle she suffered no mana slowdowns or impairments but did NOT charge after nine tiles.

Are you sure that Athena had mana troops? It looks like Frida charged a little bit faster than Athena


I chose Athena for the better mana troops in this battle because I wanted her defense down before Frida’s.

Both have the mana +2% node so either one of them ought to charge at nine tiles with my only lvl 17 mana troops.

Either way, neither one of them charged in nine tiles.

Frida looks like she got her mana with 11% buff but if she has mana node something probably bugged

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Have forwarded this for staff to look at for yah.

Thank you. Appreciate it.

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Having the same issue with Lianna. Came here looking to see if any saw some mana charge issues and having used this same team for months, she just started being behind in the last week or so. She is now always 1 tile behind my other two that would charge along with her and was hoping I could find something about this.

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